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The GDB series double-shaft shredder is specially designed to handle waste from municipal green waste, rootstocks, untreated waste wood, straw or fruit shells of crops, etc. It can quickly shred biomass materials into small pieces. GEP Ecotech's double-shaft shredder has high output and reliable performance, widely used in biomass cogeneration power stations.

double shaft shredder for biomass
double shaft shredder for biomass
double shaft shredder for biomass
double shaft shredder for biomass

GDI Series Shredder is a multi-purpose dual-shaft shredder for reducing industrial and commercial wastes. It shreds various materials into optimum shapes and sizes for recycling, incineration, or landfill. GDI has unimaginable stability and is always reliable, which makes it possible to cope with the demand for waste disposal under the harshest working conditions.

Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder

The GSS series single rotor shredder is suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a small and uniform size, with a maximum capacity of around 1 - 10 tons per hour and a discharge size of 30 to 100 mm, depending on the model of the machine, the type of material, the size of the screen and the field of application.

Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder

All equipment of the project (double-shaft shredder, magnetic separator, chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and dust removal system) are purchased from GEP ECOTECH. The main treatment materials are bulky waste, such as sofas, mattresses, wooden furniture, etc. that are no longer used in the life of residents. After mechanical shredding, magnetic separation, manual disassembly and other treatments, bulky waste will be removed from high priced materials like metals, and teh rest materials will be sent to waste incineration plant for incineration. The customer said that since the introduction of the intelligent bulky waste shredding process from GEP ECOTECH, it has completely solved the problems of local bulky waste, such as disorderly stacking and difficult disposal, which has improved the local waste sorting classification treatment level.

Bulky Waste Treatment Center Project in Jiangxi, China

This is a cement kiln collaborative disposal project for general industrial solid waste. The buyer purchased the double shaft shredder manufactured by GEP ECOTECH to shred ton bags to the size required for kiln entry, achieving harmless disposal of industrial solid waste while producing cement clinker. The customer has given high praise in terms of equipment quality and after-sales service: the material is imported high-quality steel, and the motors, reducers, bearings, and electronic components are all well-known brands, making them very reliable to use; The integration of installation, commissioning, and training has saved time for the project to start production as soon as possible.

Cement Kiln Collaborative Disposal of Industrial Solid Waste Project in Liaoning, China

The project is to introduce bulky waste shredding and disposal equipment in the waste transfer station to shred and dispose the bulky waste including waste sofas, waste mattresses and waste furniture, so as to achieve rapid volume reduction and facilitate subsequent transportation, incineration and resource recycling. The customer said bulky waste is a kind of waste that makes them headache, and the direct compression effect is not ideal. With the participation of double-shaft shredder, the problem is solved.

Waste Transfer Station Collaborative Disposal of Bulky Waste Project in Jiangsu, China
Industrial Copper Wire Shredder Machines for Sale

There are various industrial copper wire shredder machines available for sale, which can be used to process copper wires and cables into smaller pieces for further recycling or refining. Here are some of the options available:Waste copper wireDual Shaft Shredders: These are heavy-duty machines that are designed to process large volumes of copper wires and cables. They feature two rotating shafts with sharp blades that shred the materials into smaller pieces.Single Shaft Shredders: These are similar to dual shaft shredders, but feature only one rotating shaft with blades. They are designed for medium-sized material processing and are commonly used for copper wires finer shredding.Granulators: These machines use a combination of shredding and granulating to process copper wires and cables into smaller pieces. The copper pieces are then sorted and separated by size or density.When purchasing an industrial copper wire shredder machine, it is important to consider the specific needs of the recycling operation,

Fabric shredder machines in garment industry

Fabric shredder machines in garment industry is also called garment shredder, it is a shredder used for shredding waste clothes, blankets, shoes and other textiles. The garment shredder is usually composed of a shredder main body and a bracket. The blades are of anti-winding design. GEP ECOTECH double single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are suitable for different kinds of garment shredding purposes.Why we need fabric shredder machines in garment industry?Fabric shredder is a very useful equipment in garment recycling. Some people don't understand the value of a fabric shredder, and think that shredding old clothes with a shredder seems to be a waste. Because shredding can destroy the clothes and tear them into pieces. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Fabric shredders are very important in the garment recycling industry.As we all know, a very critical step in garment recycling is sorting. Garment can be further divided into several groups for different recycling purposes. Some garments can be

A powerful stationary biomass shredder machine factory

The stationary biomass shredder machine can crush the biomass into lumps less than 100mm, making it easy to store, transport and supply on a large scale. GEP ECOTECH, as a professional biomass shredder manufacturer, has many successful project cases around the world, let us know about this stationary biomass shredder machine factory briefly.GEP ECOTECH stationary biomass shredder machine factoryintroduction:GEP ECOTECH stationary biomass shredder machine factory has 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 6 meter, 11 meter CNC machining center, CNC lathe, precision milling machine, precision drilling machine, precision grinder, laser cutting machine and other complete machining equipment, of which the main machining There are more than 100 sets (sets) of equipment, which can complete the production and processing of all parts, and the advanced heat treatment technology provides a guarantee for the high-precision processing and mass production of the company's stationary biomass shredder machine!GEP ECOTECH popular

Waste Plastic Shredder Machine for Sale

The main purpose of waste plastic shredder machine is shredding any type of polymer waste: polymer films, profiles, plastic pipes, sprues, castings, PET bottles, waste from injection and thermoforming production. These shredders have different capacities and shredding sizes. For shredding plastics, a two-stage scheme is usually used, with primary shredding in a shredder followed by regrinding in plastics shredders. Since polymers are characterized by increased strength and abrasiveness, plastic shredders are manufactured with a significant margin of strength and wear resistance.For the processing of plastics, the GEP Ecotech offers shredders of several models at once; equipment of the GSS, GSD, GDI series is produced for the specific needs of industrial enterprises. Shredders of the GDI series are used to process all types of plastics, in particular hard and resilient materials. These machines shred industrial plastic waste, pipes, car parts, blow moldings - bottles, cans, barrels. GSX is a new generation of

What's the price of industrial waste shredder machine in the Philippines

What is industrial waste?Industrial waste is defined as waste generated by manufacturing or industrial processes. The types of industrial waste generated include cafeteria garbage, dirt and gravel, masonry and concrete, scrap metals, trash, oil, solvents, chemicals, weed grass and trees, wood and scrap lumber, and similar wastes. Everyday, huge amount of industrial wastes are produced, it damage our living environment and take large land, so a suitable way to dispose industrial waste is important.What can industrial waste shredder do?The industrial shredders are useful machines for the volume reduction, usually the industrial wastes are with big volume and take large land, no matter waste leather, waste tire, waste wood, waste textile, any waste produced during industry production, using a industrial shredder can shred the waste into small pieces, on one hand, the waste volume is reduced, it is much easy for transportation; on the other hand, the recycled material in the industrial waste can be recycled, and

GD5, A Small Metal Shredder Machine Price

GD5, a small shredder developed by GEP ECOTECH, is often used to crush beverage cans, iron filings, copper wires, scrap parts and other metals. The price of small metal shredder machine will vary with different configurations, and the average price is around 50,000 US dollars. Let's take a brief look at this device.The parameters of GD5 shredderCapacity: 2-8 tons/hourOutput: 30-200mmPower: 10-45kwSize: 2100×1000×1900 (can be customized according to the actual situation)Advantages: wear-resistant cutter, multi-combination seal, anti-winding function, automatic shutdown mechanisms, emergency stop buttons, or overload protectionFactors affecting the price of GD5 shredderThe price of a GD5 shredder can be influenced by several factors. Here are some key factors that affect the price:Motor Power: The power and efficiency of the motor used in the shredder can affect its price. Shredders with higher horsepower or more advanced motor technology tend to be more expensive.Additional Features and Customization Options

Industrial shredder machine for hard plastics

Industrial shredder machine for hard plastics uses the working principle of shearing, tearing and squeezing between knives to crush hard plastics of different sizes into small pieces of a certain size, saving storage and transportation space, and facilitating the recycling and processing of waste plastic materials into a variety of recycled products.GEP ECOTECH industrial shredder machine for hard plastics adopts imported crushing tools, which have corrosion resistance and impact resistance. At the same time, the bottom is equipped with a screen to make the output of less than 50mm at a time. We design crushing equipment and systems with different knife shapes, different torques, and different processes according to the proportion of various hard plastic wastes.Because plastic waste is difficult to degrade, landfill or incineration will cause "white pollution", which seriously harms water quality, soil, and atmospheric environment. Therefore, crushing and recycling is a good way to reduce the use of hard

Industrial plastic shredder machine for sale

Industrial waste plastic refers to the waste plastic products after industrial production. At present, our government strongly supports various places to do a good job in waste separation and recycling projects, while waste plastic is a common waste in our daily life, so its available line is very good, but also easy to recycle. Therefore, more and more people have started to engage in this industry.How can our recycled industrial plastic waste be turned into treasure?First we must know that the recycled plastic waste is different in size. So it is difficult to achieve the unified recycling, there is a key step. That is to break the material and then use it.What equipment is needed to shred the industrial plastic waste?Of course it is the single-shaft fine shredder produced by our company GEP ECOTECH. The shredder is used to shred, shear and squeeze the material to a smaller size by using the interaction between the moving knife blade and the fixed knife, and controlling the size of the discharge through the

Hospital waste shredder machine for waste management

What is hospital waste?Hospital waste is contaminated waste produced by hospitals that have come into contact with patients' blood, flesh, etc. Such as used cotton balls, gauze, adhesive tape, waste water, disposable medical instruments, post-operative discards, expired medicines, etc. According to the national health department's medical test report, medical waste is characterised by spatial pollution, acute infection and latent pollution, and its viruses and germs are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times more harmful than ordinary household waste. If not handled properly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment and may also become a source of epidemics.Current status of hospital waste disposalSince the 1950s, the treatment of medical waste has attracted extensive attention from all over the world. Scholars at home and abroad have made increasingly rich research on medical waste treatment technology and have achieved certain research results. On this basis, through a comprehensive

Primary shredder machine how much

The development trend of environmental protection market is becoming stronger and stronger. Domestic waste has become a huge resource, which has attracted many investors to join the solid waste resource regeneration industry. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate waste shredder equipment. This paper introduces several common types of waste shredders. The primary shredders which mainly used for the first shredding of the MSW or industrial waste has became the very important equipment in a solid waste disposal production line. How much is a primary shredder is the the question often be asked by customers, today let us talk about it!The different configuration and materials will affect the price sharply, the GC primary shredder produced by GEP ECOTECH is one of the leading products in this industry.Advantages of GC series primary shredder:High-strength shaftSpecial cutter designImported hydraulic motor direct driveAutomatic lubrication systemGI intelligent systemAll of above advantages created the

Types of plastic shredder machine introduction

The damage of plastic wastePlastic products take great convenience to our life, but the pollution made by plastic also cause serious problem over the world. Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them.Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. Plastics often contain additives making them stronger, more flexible, and durable. But many of these additives can extend the life of products if they become litter, with some estimates ranging to at least 400 years to break down.How to recycle the plastic waste?Comparing with the great damage made by plastic waste, the recycling work of plastic waste is not very well. Usually, there are several steps to recycle plastic waste:1.Collection of Waste Plastic2.Sorting of Plastics into Categories3.Washing to Remove Impurities4.Shredding and Resizing5.Identification and Separation

Shredder machine for electronic waste recycling

E-waste" is also known as "electronic waste", all unused electronic equipment is electronic waste. For its treatment, a double-shaft shredder is most suitable.Types of electronic wasteThere are many types of e-waste, which can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the material contained in a relatively simple, less harmful to the environment of waste electronic products, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances, as well as medical and scientific appliances, such products are relatively simple to dismantle and dispose of; the other is the material contained in a more complex, more harmful to the environment of waste electronic products, such as computers, televisions, lead in the picture tube, computer components containing arsenic, mercury and other harmful substances, mobile phones in the raw materials of arsenic, cadmium, lead and a variety of other persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances.Mechanical treatment of e-wasteMechanical treatment of

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