A powerful stationary biomass shredder machine factory

Shan 2020-12-15

The stationary biomass shredder machine can crush the biomass into lumps less than 100mm, making it easy to store, transport and supply on a large scale. GEP ECOTECH, as a professional biomass shredder manufacturer, has many successful project cases around the world, let us know about this stationary biomass shredder machine factory briefly.

stationary biomass shredder machine

GEP ECOTECH stationary biomass shredder machine factoryintroduction:

GEP ECOTECH stationary biomass shredder machine factory has 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 6 meter, 11 meter CNC machining center, CNC lathe, precision milling machine, precision drilling machine, precision grinder, laser cutting machine and other complete machining equipment, of which the main machining There are more than 100 sets (sets) of equipment, which can complete the production and processing of all parts, and the advanced heat treatment technology provides a guarantee for the high-precision processing and mass production of the company's stationary biomass shredder machine!

shredder machine factory

The GD series double-shaft stationary shredder for the biomass production line was designed and manufactured by GEP ECOTECH, is one of the most popular shredder equipment on the market, let's see why it is so popular?

1.Integral knife box

2.Fixed knife independent detachable technology

3.Intelligent features

4.Unique anti-loose technology

5.European imported knives, long service life

6.The spindle has higher fatigue resistance and higher impact resistance

7.Imported bearings and multiple combined seals

8.PLC touch screen control cabinet

GEP ECOTECH's powerful stationary biomass shredder machine factory guarantees product quality at the source, so that the praise rate and repurchase rate of GEP ECOTECH biomass shredder have always been in the leading position in the industry. If you want to know more, contact us!