Full Lifecycle Services

GEP's products stand out among our peers for their high capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption and long life, and our service is dedicated to bringing the products purchased by our customers to their maximum performance. When customers buy products, they also buy services covering the whole life cycle of the products: from technical consultation and material testing to equipment selection and solution design, from installation and commissioning, operation training to remote diagnosis and quick maintenance, GEP’s service is 24 hours x 365 days.

Intelligent Service

Intelligent Monitoring System

Intelligent Monitoring System

This is a powerful system that can remotely monitor and diagnose one or more solid waste shredding production lines just by operating on the mobile phone APP or computer, realizing automatic memory, data analysis, fault prediction, alarm shutdown, and linkage. Control, intelligent maintenance and other functions, reduce production line failure rate, shorten maintenance time, reduce operating costs, and improve operating efficiency.

Intelligent Dust Suppression System

Intelligent Dust Suppression System

The intelligent dust suppression system automatically turns on the high-pressure water mist spraying device by setting the dust concentration alarm value and upper limit control value, and takes effective dust suppression measures on the job site to achieve green production. The system is real-time online monitoring, automatic alarm and control, and has highly intelligent functions such as automatic preservation of historical records and display of test results.

Service Commitment


Free maintenance
within 12 months after delivery


Completion of engineer dispatch
within 24 hours


Answer tech inquiry
within 30 minutes


Acceptance of service
requests all of 365 days of year