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GDI Series Shredder is a multi-purpose dual-shaft shredder for reducing industrial and commercial wastes. It shreds various materials into optimum shapes and sizes for recycling, incineration, or landfill. GDI has unimaginable stability and is always reliable, which makes it possible to cope with the demand for waste disposal under the harshest working conditions.

Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder

Four-Shaft shredder is a multi-purpose shredder. It has the same working principle as two-shaft shredder. GF Series four-shaft shredder can control the final material size by equipping a screen at the outlet. Four-shaft fine shredder provides greater shearing force than two-shaft shredder, it can handle all kinds of toughness, ductility of waste materials and obtain consistent shape and size.

Four-Shaft Shredder



GC series pre-shredder is a high-torque waste pretreatment equipment, used in the first stage of the waste treatment process, suitable for pre-shredding municipal solid waste (MSW), bulky waste, C&D waste, etc. The shredder uses the principle of shearing and tearing to realize shredding, which can shred extremely coarse materials forcefully and prevent the accumulation of raw materials.

Double-shaft Pre-Shredder GC
Double-shaft Pre-Shredder GC
Double-shaft Pre-Shredder GC
Double-shaft Pre-Shredder GC

The project is the third phase expansion project of Macao Waste Incineration Center invested and constructed by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, with a daily waste processing capacity of 1,300 tons. GEP provides a complete set of waste tire shredding line, and the shredded tires are incinerated for power generation. Customers have very strict requirements on equipment quality control, and the engineering uses international first-line brand equipment. GEP's equipment has reached a high international level from performance design, quality control to on-site installation and commissioning.

Tire Shredding Machine
Double Shaft Tire Shredding Machine
Waste Tire Shredding Line
Tire Recycling Equipment

The operation content of the domestic waste sorting operation center includes the collection, transportation, sorting, crushing and temporary storage of bulky waste, domestic waste, and garden waste. The comprehensive management system is used to achieve comprehensive monitoring and unified deployment. After a series of processes such as inquiry, technical exchange, and bidding, GEP has become the equipment supplier for the bulky waste disposal. The entire bulky waste disposal line includes crushing equipment, feeding and discharging equipment, sorting equipment, dust removal equipment and intelligent control equipment, helping customers to realize the automation and intelligence of the production process while recycling waste.Customers expressed that they are very satisfied with GEP's company qualification, production capacity, equipment quality, program design and after-sales service, and the delivery time is also very punctual.

Bulky Waste Shredding Line
Bulky Waste Shredding Machine
Bulky Waste Shredder
Dust Removal Equipment for Bulky Waste Disposal

The main process of the production line adopts the technology of "pretreatment + resource utilization" and integrates the concepts of high efficiency and environmental protection, terminal harmlessness, resource utilization and intelligence, aiming to improve the living environment of the park and help the city to create a new pattern of waste classification and treatment. After investigation and communication, GEP's project plan and product technology have been highly recognized by customers. The customer said that during the installation and commissioning of the equipment, GEP's technicians were stationed here to solve problems at any time. The service is really good!

Bulky Waste and Garden Waste Disposal Production Line in Jiangxi, China
Do Construction Waste Recycling Make Money?

It is profitable to do construction waste recycling. The prerequisites must be in compliance with local laws and regulations, and relevant legal procedures must be handled, as well as environmental protection measures. According to users who have been in production for many years, the construction waste is mainly some wastes such as muck, concrete blocks, crushed stones, bricks and tiles, asphalt blocks, etc. After being processed by construction waste recycling equipment, 85% can be used for Sand, pebbles, 10% impurities, 5% scrap metal, the finished product particle size, wear resistance, moisture content, etc. must meet the parameter standards of construction sand, it is very easy to sell (about 50-102 ¥ / ton).Working 8-10 hours a day, the output is 800-1000 tons, the average price of recycled aggregate is about 50¥/ton, the daily profit is (800-1000) x 50¥= about 4-50,000¥, the annual profit of construction waste recycling plant is more than 1 million¥ , and the relevant departments will have policy

Henan many villages open

"This is my exercise book exchanged with waste batteries!" In August 3rd, Huzhuang village Miaoxia town, the 13 year old Hu Mengbin very happy, and said proudly, he has account in the village e-commerce service center, he collects toxic and hazardous waste from home and street to exchange points from village e-commerce service center, the points can be used to exchange school things, his goal is to accumulate 100 points.In the village's e-commerce service center, the wall prominent position hanging garbage exchange points system, garbage payment standards and other schematic. The villagers can be plastic bags, waste batteries, waste pesticide bottles, bad bulb and other toxic and hazardous waste sent to exchange points, points accumulated to a certain grade, can be exchanged for toilet paper, soap, pencils, exercise books and other 12 kinds of daily necessities and school things. There is also a special account book which clearly records the villagers' garbage collection. "I was running rural Taobao, heard

How much is a waste tire shredder

More and more customers purchase waste tire shredder, which are mainly used in the field of waste tire recycling. The recycling of waste tires mainly adopts the way of crushing and recycling. The collected waste tires are crushed and then widely used in various fields.In terms of policy, technology, equipment and market, it is a good time to invest and develop waste tires!According to the market demand, GEP ECOTECH has developed GDT tire crusher equipment. The equipment is an environmental protection and energy-saving tire crushing equipment with the design concept of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and its technical indicators meet the national standards. The tool is forged with imported materials from Europe, which is durable and has a good crushing effect on the steel wire in the tire. The overall structure is compact, low speed, high torque, low vibration, low noise, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.The price of waste tire shredder is related to the

Which type of shredder is used for MSW(Municipal solid waste)?

MSW reduction and recyclables recycling have become popular treatment methodsMSW(Municipal solid waste) has a wide range of sources, including daily waste, such as food waste, plastics, films, clothing, cans and product packaging. Due to the limitations of the shortcomings of landfills, municipal solid waste disposal is facing increasing pressure. In recent years, the reduction of municipal solid waste and the reuse of recyclables have become popular treatment methods.Shredder is the key equipment for MSW reductionThe municipal solid waste treatment and recycling system has a variety of models of slow waste shredders, drum screens, screening machines, material sorters, flip screens and recycling equipment, which can crush, screen and separate valuable materials in municipal municipal solid waste . Among them, the shredder is the key equipment for the treatment of municipal solid waste, which can affect the disposal effect of the entire production line. So which type of crusher is used for municipal solid

How to choose the domestic waste shredder manufacturer?

With the rapid development of the city, we will inevitably produce domestic waste in our life. There are many types of domestic waste, and the process is also more complex. In the process of treatment, the domestic waste shredder is essential, which needs to crush the domestic waste and then carry out the follow-up work.Many environmental protection disposal companies will purchase domestic waste shredder. Now there are many domestic waste shredder products. Different businesses sell different shredder products, and the price is also different. How to choose the domestic waste shredder, let GEP ECOTECH talk with you.Now there are many domestic waste shredder manufacturers, each manufacturer's production process is different, the price of domestic waste shredder is also different. When choosing, we must keep our eyes open. Some cheap shredder equipment may not be of good quality. As the saying goes, "one price for one goods", what price of shredder equipment is what kind of quality.Although there are many

Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant for C&D Waste Management

Mobile jaw crushing plant are designed for primary crushing rocks or C&D wastes of any strength to produce or recycle crushed stone and aggregate. The principle operation of a mobile jaw crusher is based on the compression of the material by the working surfaces (cheeks), which leads to its destruction and crushing. Only the crushing jaws are subject to wear in jaw crushers, the side walls are not involved in the crushing process. Mobile jaw crushers are rightfully considered one of the most reliable and productive types crushers for primary crushing , they are versatile and capable of crushing any kind of rock (from granite to construction and demolition waste). Depending on the kinds of raw material, the jaws with different strength are installed on the crusher. Mobile jaw crushers are presented in a self-propelled version that on a tracked chassis and in a semi-mobile version that on a frame with tires . Mobile crushers with a self-propelled tracked chassis are equipped with a control panel installed on

Use the waste computer to change basin! How to deal with e-waste?

With the electronic products coming into people's life, China has become the largest consumer of electronic products. At the same time, a large number of electronic waste has been produced. E-waste contains a large number of harmful heavy metals, improper disposal of garbage, it will cause serious harm to the atmosphere, water and soil environment. At the same time, electronic waste is also rich in gold, silver, copper and other precious metals, improper handling is also a great waste of resources. So, how do we deal with e-waste?Classification, recycling and disassemblyThe classification, recovery and disassembly of electronic waste usually refers to the dismantling of electronic waste into various fragments after disassembly. In Sweden Stehman technology center, electronic waste are roughly divided into five parts: the large metal parts, PCBs, packaging materials, plastic parts and a cathode ray tube, and then further split into 70 different fragments. In the process of disassembly, the memory chip and the

Application of Double shaft shredder in decoration waste disposal

Double-shaft shredder is applied to the disposal of decoration waste. It is mainly used to crush the sofa, mattress, sponge cushion, carpet, large structure, light packaging materials and other materials in the decoration waste through the double-shaft shredder, and then pack and transport them to the designated waste incineration power plant for unified incineration. The equipment can be arranged at the front end. All the decoration waste will be shredded by the double-shaft shredder, and then enter the screening and sorting link at the back end. It can also be arranged at the end, sorting and crushing first. All of these can achieve the purpose of reduction and volume reduction, speed up the disposal progress and improve the overall disposal efficiency.The GD double-shaft shredder developed by GEP ECOTECH is to crush materials by using the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters. "Double motor + double planet reducer" is adopted with strong power and high stability. It is

HMS1&HMS2 metal scrap shredder

What is HMS1&HMS2Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does.The recycling of HMS1&HMS21.Social recyclingMainly from the elimination of the common people's lives, the quality is poor, generally classified as middle waste or below.2.Industrial recyclingIt is mainly derived from trimmings eliminated in factory production and has high quality. Generally, it is divided into heavy waste, refined furnace charge, high-quality steel scrap, washed steel scrap, special high-quality, and pure steel scrap.GEP scrap metal shredder machineGep metal shredder is mainly used for crushing scrap metal, increasing its bulk density for transportation and recycling. This equipment is widely used in shredding paint drums, diesel drums, thin iron sheets, car shells, metal briquettes, metal plate scraps and other scrap metal materials.

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