Which type of shredder is used for MSW(Municipal solid waste)?

Shan 2021-06-13

MSW(Municipal solid waste) has a wide range of sources, including daily waste, such as food waste, plastics, films, clothing, cans and product packaging. Due to the limitations of the shortcomings of landfills, municipal solid waste disposal is facing increasing pressure. In recent years, the reduction of municipal solid waste and the reuse of recyclables have become popular treatment methods.

msw treatment

Shredder is the key equipment for MSW reduction

The municipal solid waste treatment and recycling system has a variety of models of slow waste shredders, drum screens, screening machines, material sorters, flip screens and recycling equipment, which can crush, screen and separate valuable materials in municipal municipal solid waste . Among them, the shredder is the key equipment for the treatment of municipal solid waste, which can affect the disposal effect of the entire production line. So which type of crusher is used for municipal solid waste treatment? Let's take a brief look today.

The critically acclaimed MSW shredder

The complexity of municipal solid waste materials determines that the shredder must have a wide range of applicability, and the inevitable entanglement of fabrics and other easily entangled materials in municipal solid waste determines that the shredder must have good anti-entanglement characteristics... Combined with municipal solid waste these characteristics, the double-shaft shear shredder independently developed by GEP ECOTECH is a good choice. Let us see what are the advantages of GEP double shaft shredder:

  • Integral tool box design, stable and reliable
  • Unique tool design, easy to maintain and replace
  • The main shaft has high strength, fatigue resistance and impact resistance

msw shredder

GEP ECOTECH MSW shredder has outstanding advantages, which can easily crush complicated municipal solid waste, laying a good foundation for subsequent separation and recycling. Help customers get a lot of value from the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW)!