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GDI Series Shredder is a multi-purpose dual-shaft shredder for reducing industrial and commercial wastes. It shreds various materials into optimum shapes and sizes for recycling, incineration, or landfill. GDI has unimaginable stability and is always reliable, which makes it possible to cope with the demand for waste disposal under the harshest working conditions.

Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder
Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredder

The GSS series single rotor shredder is suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a small and uniform size, with a maximum capacity of around 1 - 10 tons per hour and a discharge size of 30 to 100 mm, depending on the model of the machine, the type of material, the size of the screen and the field of application.

Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder
Single Rotor Fine Shredder

Four-Shaft shredder is a multi-purpose shredder. It has the same working principle as two-shaft shredder. GF Series four-shaft shredder can control the final material size by equipping a screen at the outlet. Four-shaft fine shredder provides greater shearing force than two-shaft shredder, it can handle all kinds of toughness, ductility of waste materials and obtain consistent shape and size.

Four-Shaft Shredder
Four-Shaft Shredder
Four-Shaft Shredder
Four-Shaft Shredder

All equipment of the project (double-shaft shredder, magnetic separator, chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and dust removal system) are purchased from GEP ECOTECH. The main treatment materials are bulky waste, such as sofas, mattresses, wooden furniture, etc. that are no longer used in the life of residents. After mechanical shredding, magnetic separation, manual disassembly and other treatments, bulky waste will be removed from high priced materials like metals, and teh rest materials will be sent to waste incineration plant for incineration. The customer said that since the introduction of the intelligent bulky waste shredding process from GEP ECOTECH, it has completely solved the problems of local bulky waste, such as disorderly stacking and difficult disposal, which has improved the local waste sorting classification treatment level.

Bulky Waste Treatment Center Project in Jiangxi, China

This is a cement kiln collaborative disposal project for general industrial solid waste. The buyer purchased the double shaft shredder manufactured by GEP ECOTECH to shred ton bags to the size required for kiln entry, achieving harmless disposal of industrial solid waste while producing cement clinker. The customer has given high praise in terms of equipment quality and after-sales service: the material is imported high-quality steel, and the motors, reducers, bearings, and electronic components are all well-known brands, making them very reliable to use; The integration of installation, commissioning, and training has saved time for the project to start production as soon as possible.

Cement Kiln Collaborative Disposal of Industrial Solid Waste Project in Liaoning, China

The project is to introduce bulky waste shredding and disposal equipment in the waste transfer station to shred and dispose the bulky waste including waste sofas, waste mattresses and waste furniture, so as to achieve rapid volume reduction and facilitate subsequent transportation, incineration and resource recycling. The customer said bulky waste is a kind of waste that makes them headache, and the direct compression effect is not ideal. With the participation of double-shaft shredder, the problem is solved.

Waste Transfer Station Collaborative Disposal of Bulky Waste Project in Jiangsu, China
High capacity shredder for MSW manufacture

The MSW shredder is a volume reduction equipment for municipal solid waste. Common waste clothes, waste paper boxes, waste plastics, scrap iron pieces, electronic waste, fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, etc. can be easily shredded by MSW shredders. With the increase of municipal domestic waste, most waste disposal centers need high capacity MSW shredder to meet the disposal needs. Below we introduce several common high capacity shredder for MSW manufacture.Common model of high capacity shredder for MSW manufactureGC series pre shredder: Used in the first stage of the waste treatment process, suitable for pre-shredding municipal solid waste (MSW).GDL series bulky waste shredder: is a dual-shaft shearing shredder designed specifically for bulky waste in municipal solid waste (MSW), Municipal solid waste such as sofas, mattresses, furniture, etc. can be efficiently and smoothly crushedGDF series kitchen waste shredder: Used for shredding kitchen waste, vegetable and fruit waste, destroying expired food

How much is a waste tire shredder

More and more customers purchase waste tire shredder, which are mainly used in the field of waste tire recycling. The recycling of waste tires mainly adopts the way of crushing and recycling. The collected waste tires are crushed and then widely used in various fields.In terms of policy, technology, equipment and market, it is a good time to invest and develop waste tires!According to the market demand, GEP ECOTECH has developed GDT tire crusher equipment. The equipment is an environmental protection and energy-saving tire crushing equipment with the design concept of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and its technical indicators meet the national standards. The tool is forged with imported materials from Europe, which is durable and has a good crushing effect on the steel wire in the tire. The overall structure is compact, low speed, high torque, low vibration, low noise, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.The price of waste tire shredder is related to the

Which type of shredder is used for MSW(Municipal solid waste)?

MSW reduction and recyclables recycling have become popular treatment methodsMSW(Municipal solid waste) has a wide range of sources, including daily waste, such as food waste, plastics, films, clothing, cans and product packaging. Due to the limitations of the shortcomings of landfills, municipal solid waste disposal is facing increasing pressure. In recent years, the reduction of municipal solid waste and the reuse of recyclables have become popular treatment methods.Shredder is the key equipment for MSW reductionThe municipal solid waste treatment and recycling system has a variety of models of slow waste shredders, drum screens, screening machines, material sorters, flip screens and recycling equipment, which can crush, screen and separate valuable materials in municipal municipal solid waste . Among them, the shredder is the key equipment for the treatment of municipal solid waste, which can affect the disposal effect of the entire production line. So which type of crusher is used for municipal solid

Industrial Copper Wire Shredder Machines for Sale

There are various industrial copper wire shredder machines available for sale, which can be used to process copper wires and cables into smaller pieces for further recycling or refining. Here are some of the options available:Waste copper wireDual Shaft Shredders: These are heavy-duty machines that are designed to process large volumes of copper wires and cables. They feature two rotating shafts with sharp blades that shred the materials into smaller pieces.Single Shaft Shredders: These are similar to dual shaft shredders, but feature only one rotating shaft with blades. They are designed for medium-sized material processing and are commonly used for copper wires finer shredding.Granulators: These machines use a combination of shredding and granulating to process copper wires and cables into smaller pieces. The copper pieces are then sorted and separated by size or density.When purchasing an industrial copper wire shredder machine, it is important to consider the specific needs of the recycling operation,

How to choose the domestic waste shredder manufacturer?

With the rapid development of the city, we will inevitably produce domestic waste in our life. There are many types of domestic waste, and the process is also more complex. In the process of treatment, the domestic waste shredder is essential, which needs to crush the domestic waste and then carry out the follow-up work.Many environmental protection disposal companies will purchase domestic waste shredder. Now there are many domestic waste shredder products. Different businesses sell different shredder products, and the price is also different. How to choose the domestic waste shredder, let GEP ECOTECH talk with you.Now there are many domestic waste shredder manufacturers, each manufacturer's production process is different, the price of domestic waste shredder is also different. When choosing, we must keep our eyes open. Some cheap shredder equipment may not be of good quality. As the saying goes, "one price for one goods", what price of shredder equipment is what kind of quality.Although there are many

Application of Double shaft shredder in decoration waste disposal

Double-shaft shredder is applied to the disposal of decoration waste. It is mainly used to crush the sofa, mattress, sponge cushion, carpet, large structure, light packaging materials and other materials in the decoration waste through the double-shaft shredder, and then pack and transport them to the designated waste incineration power plant for unified incineration. The equipment can be arranged at the front end. All the decoration waste will be shredded by the double-shaft shredder, and then enter the screening and sorting link at the back end. It can also be arranged at the end, sorting and crushing first. All of these can achieve the purpose of reduction and volume reduction, speed up the disposal progress and improve the overall disposal efficiency.The GD double-shaft shredder developed by GEP ECOTECH is to crush materials by using the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters. "Double motor + double planet reducer" is adopted with strong power and high stability. It is

HMS1&HMS2 metal scrap shredder

What is HMS1&HMS2Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does.The recycling of HMS1&HMS21.Social recyclingMainly from the elimination of the common people's lives, the quality is poor, generally classified as middle waste or below.2.Industrial recyclingIt is mainly derived from trimmings eliminated in factory production and has high quality. Generally, it is divided into heavy waste, refined furnace charge, high-quality steel scrap, washed steel scrap, special high-quality, and pure steel scrap.GEP scrap metal shredder machineGep metal shredder is mainly used for crushing scrap metal, increasing its bulk density for transportation and recycling. This equipment is widely used in shredding paint drums, diesel drums, thin iron sheets, car shells, metal briquettes, metal plate scraps and other scrap metal materials.

The factors affecting the biomass shredder

As biomass material can be a very good fuel for power generation, the biomass recycling is more and more popular in the world, at the same time, the biomass shredder is in big demand, but there are many kinds of biomass shredder for customers to choose, the price is different. What's the factors affecting the biomass shredder?The different type biomass shredder will have different price, for example, before many customers choose integrate crusher or disc crusher as biomass shredder, but this kind of crusher has many disadvantages, such as, high power consumption, low capacity, frequent maintenance. So the price is much lower. But double shaft shredder as biomass shredder, the structure is different, the power consumption is low and with very big capacity, so the price is higher.Machine quality will make big difference on the price, for example, GEP Ecotech shredder with very excellent quality, we use patented shredding chamber technology, imported movable cutter material, world famous brand accessories,

The process of biomass recycling

Biomass recycling is more and more popular in the world, as biomass as a clean fuel for power generation, 14% of the world's main energy consumption, is the fourth largest energy source after fossil energy coal, oil and gas, and is the only energy resource that can provide three forms of fuel, gas, liquid and solid, with the characteristics of wide distribution, cleanliness and renewability. The biomass recycling has very big market.Usually the biomass recycling process is like this, The biomass raw materials such as sugar cane skin, tree skin, and branches of various crops are transported to the workshop. The biomass raw materials are stacked for feeding, and then are fed to the double shaft shredder, the upper pusher will push the material to the shredding chamber for shredding. During the operation of the shredder, the intelligent control system suspends the operation of the chain conveyor, and some raw materials are temporarily stored on the conveyor to ensure the continuous materials feeding, and to

Fabric shredder machines in garment industry

Fabric shredder machines in garment industry is also called garment shredder, it is a shredder used for shredding waste clothes, blankets, shoes and other textiles. The garment shredder is usually composed of a shredder main body and a bracket. The blades are of anti-winding design. GEP ECOTECH double single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are suitable for different kinds of garment shredding purposes.Why we need fabric shredder machines in garment industry?Fabric shredder is a very useful equipment in garment recycling. Some people don't understand the value of a fabric shredder, and think that shredding old clothes with a shredder seems to be a waste. Because shredding can destroy the clothes and tear them into pieces. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Fabric shredders are very important in the garment recycling industry.As we all know, a very critical step in garment recycling is sorting. Garment can be further divided into several groups for different recycling purposes. Some garments can be

The advantages of Gep biomass shredder

Biomass recycling is have very big market now as it has big amount and it is a good clean fuel for power station. In the biomass recycling process, the biomass shredder is an important machine. Before more used shredder is the integrated crusher or disc crusher, but now double shaft shredder is a better choice than the other crusher.GEP developed double shaft shredder as the biomass shredder after research the biomass features and it has been inspected by the market, that double shaft shredder is very suitable as biomass shredder.Compared with the integrated crusher or disc crusher, GEP double shaft biomass shredder has many advantages:1. Double shaft biomass shredder have few power consumption than the integrated crusher and disc crusher, so in the long term operation, the operation cost is reduced.2. The structure of double shaft shredder is more strong and the design is more suitable for biomass, which can achieve much bigger capacity than the integrated crusher or disc crusher. Also with few fault, which

Recycling of Industrial Waste

The process of industrial processing of waste in order to obtain feedstock is called recycling. With its introduction, there is a repeated or return of resources to the cycle "production - consumption - production". Thanks to this method of disposal, the waste becomes suitable for reuse. The economic and environmental significance of recycling is recognized by all progressive mankind, which is why over the past decade the share of raw materials obtained by recycling of waste has increased to 30-50% of the total, depending on the industry.Recycling in Industrial AreasAt present, the wastes with the best processing percent in the industrial sector are:MetalPlasticScrap tiresPaper /cardboardLeather/textileConstruction and demolition wasteIndustrial Waste ShredderIndustrial shredder is the most important equipment in the process of industrial waste recycling. It cuts or tears to reduce industrial waste to a suitable size for subsequent disposal. There are many types of industrial shredders, which are developed

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