High capacity shredder for MSW manufacture

Shan 2021-07-17

The MSW shredder is a volume reduction equipment for municipal solid waste. Common waste clothes, waste paper boxes, waste plastics, scrap iron pieces, electronic waste, fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, etc. can be easily shredded by MSW shredders. With the increase of municipal domestic waste, most waste disposal centers need high capacity MSW shredder to meet the disposal needs. Below we introduce several common high capacity shredder for MSW manufacture.

Common model of high capacity shredder for MSW manufacture

  • GC series pre shredder: Used in the first stage of the waste treatment process, suitable for pre-shredding municipal solid waste (MSW).
  • GDL series bulky waste shredder: is a dual-shaft shearing shredder designed specifically for bulky waste in municipal solid waste (MSW), Municipal solid waste such as sofas, mattresses, furniture, etc. can be efficiently and smoothly crushed
  • GDF series kitchen waste shredder: Used for shredding kitchen waste, vegetable and fruit waste, destroying expired food, etc.
  • GSD series double rotor fine shredder: Usually used for the secondary crushing treatment of municipal solid waste(MSW), the output is relatively fine, uses dual rotors to shred materials, which is more efficient and has a larger production capacity.

The above-mentioned high capacity municipal solid waste shredder blades are made of special steel, which ensures a particularly long life cycle and greatly saves spare parts maintenance costs.

double shaft shredder

GEP ECOTECH's technology and msw shredding equipment enable you to give full play to the role of each processing stage to obtain a homogeneous product suitable for transportation and further processing. It is an ideal choice for recycling resources, materials and energy.