Waste Plastic Shredder Machine for Sale

Harris 2021-06-24

The main purpose of waste plastic shredder machine is shredding any type of polymer waste: polymer films, profiles, plastic pipes, sprues, castings, PET bottles, waste from injection and thermoforming production. These shredders have different capacities and shredding sizes. For shredding plastics, a two-stage scheme is usually used, with primary shredding in a shredder followed by regrinding in plastics shredders. Since polymers are characterized by increased strength and abrasiveness, plastic shredders are manufactured with a significant margin of strength and wear resistance.

Waste plastic

For the processing of plastics, the GEP Ecotech offers shredders of several models at once; equipment of the GSS, GSD, GDI series is produced for the specific needs of industrial enterprises. Shredders of the GDI series are used to process all types of plastics, in particular hard and resilient materials. These machines shred industrial plastic waste, pipes, car parts, blow moldings - bottles, cans, barrels. GSX is a new generation of shredders with different clamping systems: the horizontal pusher is a universal solution for all types of plastics, the pendulum pusher is suitable for film, fiber and woven materials, and the inclined pusher is ideal for hollow materials such as barrels or cans. GEP Ecotech shredders have robust and easy-to-maintain external dustproof bearings, proportional-load pushrod travel, and the pushrod itself is equipped with a shock-absorbing valve that absorbs shocks and protects the cylinders.

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