Industrial plastic shredder machine for sale

ethan 2021-07-16

Industrial waste plastic refers to the waste plastic products after industrial production. At present, our government strongly supports various places to do a good job in waste separation and recycling projects, while waste plastic is a common waste in our daily life, so its available line is very good, but also easy to recycle. Therefore, more and more people have started to engage in this industry.

How can our recycled industrial plastic waste be turned into treasure?

First we must know that the recycled plastic waste is different in size. So it is difficult to achieve the unified recycling, there is a key step. That is to break the material and then use it.

industrial plastic shredder

What equipment is needed to shred the industrial plastic waste?

Of course it is the single-shaft fine shredder produced by our company GEP ECOTECH. The shredder is used to shred, shear and squeeze the material to a smaller size by using the interaction between the moving knife blade and the fixed knife, and controlling the size of the discharge through the screen. It is often used for the fine crushing of various solid wastes, and can process the materials to a smaller size at one time, which is widely used in the fields of resource recycling, RDF (domestic waste derived fuel) making, waste reduction, etc. It has the features of small size of discharge, replaceable screen, wide applicability of materials and high efficiency.

If you need the the industrial plastic shredder, please just contact GEP ECOTECH, we will offer you with high quality equipment and warm service!