Fabric shredder machines in garment industry

Shan 2021-06-15

Fabric shredder machines in garment industry is also called garment shredder, it is a shredder used for shredding waste clothes, blankets, shoes and other textiles. The garment shredder is usually composed of a shredder main body and a bracket. The blades are of anti-winding design. GEP ECOTECH double single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are suitable for different kinds of garment shredding purposes.

fabric shredder machines

Why we need fabric shredder machines in garment industry?

Fabric shredder is a very useful equipment in garment recycling. Some people don't understand the value of a fabric shredder, and think that shredding old clothes with a shredder seems to be a waste. Because shredding can destroy the clothes and tear them into pieces. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Fabric shredders are very important in the garment recycling industry.

As we all know, a very critical step in garment recycling is sorting. Garment can be further divided into several groups for different recycling purposes. Some garments can be reused. So they are packaged and delivered where people need it. Some garment in good condition can even be sent to second-hand stores for resale. The rest of the garments are crushed into smaller pieces by a fabric shredder for the next step of processing. For example, it is used to produce furniture cushions, filling materials for automotive insulation materials, and RDF fuel.

Hot-selling fabric shredder machines

1. Double-Shaft Shredder GDI Series

If you need a fabric shredder with large output and stable operation, but not very fine discharge requirements, GDI Series Shredder is the best choice.

2.Double Rotor Fine Shredder GSD Series

Double rotor fine shredder is also called double single shaft shredder, it can quickly shred materials to the required shape and size. If you want a shredder with a finer output, it is the first choice.

The recycling of garment can protect the environment and create new employment opportunities and economic benefits. If you need a fabric shredder or other garment recycling equipment, please contact us and we will provide you with more professional support!