Shredder machine for electronic waste recycling

Alan 2021-08-06

E-waste" is also known as "electronic waste", all unused electronic equipment is electronic waste. For its treatment, a double-shaft shredder is most suitable.

Types of electronic waste

There are many types of e-waste, which can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the material contained in a relatively simple, less harmful to the environment of waste electronic products, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances, as well as medical and scientific appliances, such products are relatively simple to dismantle and dispose of; the other is the material contained in a more complex, more harmful to the environment of waste electronic products, such as computers, televisions, lead in the picture tube, computer components containing arsenic, mercury and other harmful substances, mobile phones in the raw materials of arsenic, cadmium, lead and a variety of other persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances.

 e waste

Mechanical treatment of e-waste

Mechanical treatment of e-waste is a method of sorting using the differences in physical properties between components, including disassembly, shredding, sorting and other steps, and the sorted material can then be subsequently treated to obtain recycled raw materials such as metal, plastic and glass respectively. This treatment method has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, easy to achieve scale, etc., and is a hot spot for development in various countries.The dismantling of e-waste is usually done manually to recover the electronic components that have been tested and found to be useful. However, the large number of electronic components in e-waste and the complex combination of methods make manual processing very inefficient. Our double-shaft shredders can dispose of this waste very easily.