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Shredder machine for electronic waste recycling

Shredder machine for electronic waste recycling

E-waste" is also known as "electronic waste", all unused electronic equipment is electronic waste. For its treatment, a double-shaft shredder is most suitable.Types of electronic wasteThere are many types of e-waste, which can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the material contained in a relatively simple, less harmful to the environment of waste electronic products, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances, as well as medical and scientific…

Four shaft shredder used in electronic waste recycling

The waste refrigerators, waste washing machine, computer mainframe case, small household appliances and other electronic waste, because of the large amount of recyclable material, such as metal, plastic and other materials, has become very popular renewable resourcesin the market.But the efficient disposal of these materials requires dedicated electronic garbage crushing equipment. Today, I will introduce you a machine which is very suitable for electronic waste recycling. GEP GF series four-shaft shredder…

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