Double-shaft crusher is specially designed for industrial waste disposal

With the acceleration of urban renewal and the rapid development of industrial enterprises, the dumping of industrial solid waste violations has become a thorny issue in urban management. The pilot project for the construction of “no-waste city” in the country is being fully launched, and the state’s efforts to control solid waste pollution are gradually increasing.

The types and total amount of industrial solid waste continue to grow. These industrial solid wastes contain a large amount of pollutants and are difficult to be naturally degraded. The pollutants in industrial solid waste diffuse with air, water and soil, and will accumulate over a long period of time. Pollution to the natural environment, with the increasing environmental hazards of industrial solid waste, the collection, treatment and resource utilization technology of industrial solid waste has become a difficult and hot topic of research.

According to statistics, China's current cumulative storage of solid waste is about 60-70 billion tons, with an annual production of nearly 10 billion tons, and is growing year by year. Such huge accumulation of solid waste and annual production, if not properly disposed and utilized, will cause serious pollution to the environment, cause great waste of resources, and have a bad impact on society.

Double-shaft crusher is specially designed for industrial waste disposal

At the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Industrial Development of Large-scale Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization", which stated that China will be guided by agglomeration, industrialization, marketization and ecologicalization to improve resource utilization. Efficiency is the core, and the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste is transformed into “high efficiency, high value, and scale utilization”. Focusing on bulk solid waste, we will develop and promote a number of advanced technologies, equipment and high value-added products for the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste.

As a pioneer in the domestic industrial solid waste recycling enterprise, GEP ECOTECH intelligent environmental protection seizes the characteristics of industrial solid waste, independently researches and designs intelligent industrial solid waste crusher, and promotes solid waste recycling. Industrial solid waste has certain corrosive properties. Therefore, the tools of industrial solid waste crusher must be hard and wear-resistant. Made of imported materials from Europe, it has stronger strength and certain corrosion resistance. In addition, the device is equipped with an overload protection function. Once an early warning occurs, the device automatically stops running to prevent damage caused by overload.

The whole industrial structure of the intelligent industrial solid waste crusher is strong, and the main frame is made of rectangular tube, which has stronger strength and high stability. The equipment uses the interaction between the tools to cut, tear and pull the material to process the material. It has the characteristics of large crushing force, high output, low noise and good stability. It is often used in the crushing treatment of various solid wastes, domestic waste crushing treatment, garbage reduction and other fields; the material has wide applicability and high crushing efficiency.

The comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste needs to rely on scientific and technological progress. On the one hand, all industries in the country are undergoing a transformation of production methods, paying attention to environmental protection, and industrialization of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization should seize opportunities and concentrate on breaking through in this respect; It is necessary to introduce and develop technologies and technologies for industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization, strengthen scientific and technological research and development of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization, promote the industrialization of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization, promote advanced treatment technologies, enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises, and utilize the park concentration. The advantages of the park encourage enterprises within the park and major universities and research institutes to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, set up a special technical research team, and strengthen the technological innovation capability of enterprises. Improve the level of comprehensive utilization of solid waste and promote the industrialization of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization.

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