Why Use Shredder Dual Shaft for Hazardous Waste Disposal?

Shan 2022-08-04

The harmless disposal of hazardous waste starts with crushing to reduce the volume and facilitate subsequent disposal. Therefore, to take an important step in hazardous waste disposal, we must choose a good hazardous waste shredder, so which shredder is the best for hazardous waste disposal? We have recently done several hazardous waste disposal projects, and almost all of the solutions are equipped with shredder dual shaft. Today, let us talk about why shredder dual shaft are often used in hazardous waste disposal.

shredder dual shaft for hazardous waste disposal

The working principle of the shredder dual shaft is to reduce the size of hazardous waste by shearing, tearing and squeezing between the blades. The equipment has low speed, high torque and stable operation, and has a wide range of material applicability. Everyone knows the the types and physical properties of the hazardous waste are relatively complex. In most cases, the mixed waste enters the crushing system through the grab bucket. At this time, the advantages of shear crushing are revealed.

Taking GEP products as an example, let's see what advantages the  shredder dual shaft has in the disposal of hazardous waste:

  1. The blade has high hardness and takes into account wear resistance and toughness.
  2. The sealing effect of the shredder is good, preventing the liquid in the waste from seeping out from each connecting part, thereby causing pollution to the external environment.  
  3. The shredder has various protective measures, fire and explosion protection and various danger reminders.

As an experienced manufacturer of hazardous waste disposal equipment, GEP ECOTECH shredder dual shaft has been quickly recognized by well-known domestic and foreign companies after being put into the hazardous waste disposal market, and has been applied to their important hazardous waste disposal projects. If you need to shred hazardous waste, please contact us immediately for more professional equipment information!