Which Kind of Shredder Machine Is Used for Steel Plate Less Than 7mm?

Shan 2022-11-25

Scrap steel plates need to be processed into furnace charges by equipment before they can be used for steelmaking. Mainstream processing equipment includes shredders, shears, balers, etc. Among them, the shredder can break the blocks to remove impurities such as coatings, and facilitate storage and transportation; the shearing machine cuts the large sheets into strips; the baler compacts the scraps into blocks. General scrap steel plate needs to purchase a complete set of equipment for processing, and the shearing machine and shredder for scrap steel less than 7mm can be replaced by a shearing shredder.

Scrap steel plates

The shear shredder of the GDI series can be easily used to cut and shred scrap steel plates less than 7mm. It is an ideal equipment for ferroalloy smelting, steel plate recycling and other enterprises. The GDI shearing shredder adopts double-shaft low-speed rotation, which can effectively crush not too thick steel plates, and uses knives to cut, tear, and pull materials. It has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise, and wear resistance. , let's see how it handles scrap steel plates less than 7mm from a video.

Features of GDI steel plate shear shredder:

  • Stable and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance,
  • Conveyor belt loading improves work efficiency and realizes operation automation.
  • The discharge port is equipped with a magnetic separation device, which can completely separate iron and other impurities and make the best use of them.
  • The crushed material is clean and bright, which can directly meet the requirements of entering the furnace.
  • The blade is made of alloy steel casting, which prolongs the service life of the machine and reduces operating costs.

The scrap steel recycling market has broad prospects, and at the same time, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Choosing the right processing equipment will make you get twice the result with half the effort. GEP ECOTECH shearing shredder has continuously improved the performance, appearance and configuration of the equipment according to the needs of market users, helping customers to obtain greater profits in the recycling of scrap steel plates!