What Machine Is Needed for Shredding Pop-Top Cans?

Shan 2022-10-21

Do you know that the recovery rate of aluminum pop-top cans can exceed 99%? The profits of the pop-top cans shredding material industry are objective. As long as the operation is proper, it is no problem to set up a pop-top cans recycling plant to earn money. The pop-top cans shredding is an important step in the recycling cycle. What equipment is needed for shredding pop-top cans? This article gives you some reference answers.

What is the function of pop-top cans shredding machine?

The pop-top cans shredder can shred various pop cans into small pieces. The scattered waste pop cans will become easy to transport and enter the furnace, reducing the transport cost and improving the feeding efficiency.

Basic selection principles of pop-top cans shredding machine

Before assessing the suitability of any type of pop can shredding machine, specific application requirements must be clearly identified. This includes:

  • Required feeding mode.
  • What is the required particle size after shredding.
  • What is the budget.

More detailed issues to be considered include: feeding materials in the form of packaging or bulk materials for shredding? Does the material flow contain contaminants? Is there a limit on the area of the site?

There are many kinds of pop-top cans shredding machine on the market. The more clear your demand information is, the more suitable the selected equipment will be.

Recommendations for pop-top cans shredding machine

GEP EOCTECH provides the whole series of shredder machine and various types of rotors, cutters and cutting technologies for shredding various types of aluminum waste. Our GSD single shaft shredder is the ideal machine for shredding bulk cans, while GDI double shaft shear shredder is the ideal equipment for packaging cans. If the cutter is specially designed, the GDI machine also performs well in shredding bulk cans.

Advantages of GEP can shredder

1. High strength lining board is used inside the shredder, which greatly improves the capacity and durability.

2. The integrated cutter box design is durable and does not deform.

3. The spindle and cutter are made of imported alloy steel, which greatly improves the strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. The screen size of the equipment can be changed according to your needs.

5. Motor and hydraulic system can be selected to deal with complex materials and improve the material comprehensive adaptability of equipment.

6. The feeding port of the shredder is newly designed to ensure that the materials will not splash out under working conditions.

7. Other relevant equipment can be provided, such as conveyor, blower, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, dust remover and intelligent control system.

cans shredder

On the whole, first determine your needs, and then select the equipment with good reputation on the market, which will not make mistakes. If you are not sure which type of pop-top cans shredding machine is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to find the ideal solution for you!