What Kind of Shredder Is Used for Crushing AAC Sheets?

Shan 2023-11-28

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) panels are a lightweight and porous building material. Processing AAC panels usually requires a specially designed shredder to achieve effective crushing. According to the characteristics of AAC sheets, the following types of shredders are usually used:

AAC Sheets

Double shaft shredder

  • Features: The twin-shaft shredder has two rotating shafts and usually uses a high-torque, low-speed working method. It is suitable for processing hard and porous materials with high output.
  • Advantages: Able to crush AAC plates of different sizes and densities, suitable for processing different types of lightweight porous materials.

Single shaft shredder

  • Features: The single-shaft shredder is driven by a rotating main shaft, and a blade or cutter is installed on the main shaft to shred and cut the material with fine discharge.
  • Advantages: It can quickly shred AAC plates and crush them into smaller particles or powder, which is suitable for the disposal needs of finer materials.

Four-shaft shredder

  • Features: The four-axis shredder uses four rotating axes to provide powerful shredding force. It is suitable for efficiently and thoroughly processing all types of waste and materials, and has strong capabilities.
  • Advantages: It can cope with arduous crushing tasks and easily crush materials that are not easily broken by other shredders. It is suitable for AAC plates that require high-precision and meticulous crushing and can produce scraps of the required particle size.

These shredders have different advantages and applicability when processing AAC boards. When choosing a suitable shredder, you need to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the AAC boards and the required crushing processing effect. Choosing a more suitable shredder will effectively Improve the reuse value of boards.