Motor Power of Pre Shredder Machine

Shan 2022-12-02

Recently, many customers have asked us a question, what power motor does the pre shredder machine use? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer, but because the models of pre shredder machine s used in daily life are different, the power of the configured motors is also different. Take our pre shredder machine  as an example, the motor power of the smaller model GD6 is 22-45kw, and the motor power of the larger model GD15 is 132-250kw, so our pre shredder machine  uses 22-250kw motor.

Motor of Pre Shredder Machine

It is very important to choose a suitable power motor

The pre shredder machine  is driven by the motor, so it is very important to choose a good motor. If you choose a large one, it will be wasteful, and if you choose a small one, it will not move, and it will easily burn out the motor, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, users must be cautious when choosing a motor.

How to choose the motor power?

The motor power of the pre shredder machine  is selected according to the power required for the operation of the equipment. If this equipment only needs a 180KW motor, but you choose a 250KW motor, it is a bit overkill, although the motor will not exceed Load, but the cost is a bit high, and the loss of no-load will increase during operation, wasting a lot of electricity. On the contrary, if you choose a small motor of 160KW, then the motor will be overloaded, and the motor will heat up. After a long time, the motor will be easily aged and burned. It is more appropriate for the motor power to work at about 80%.


The theoretical knowledge mentioned above sounds very simple, but it is really difficult to choose in actual production. We need to comprehensively choose the power of the pre shredder machine  based on the characteristics of the material, the production output, and the discharge size. For example, because under a certain power condition, the higher the speed, the lower the torque, and vice versa. If the speed is constant, we need to ensure that there is enough torque to crush the material, which requires us to know the torque of the crushed material, and then calculate the power. Of course, there are many other factors to consider in order to find the right motor power.

If you are worried about choosing the right power motor for the pre shredder machine , then contact us quickly! GEP has "experienced" engineers and countless successful project experiences as the basis. Let us choose the right equipment for you, and let us escort your business!