Industrial waste RDF production line

Davina 2023-05-01

Industrial waste is generated in the process of industrial production, which will cause great pollution to the environment if it is not properly disposed of. In recent years, one of the emerging solutions is to make industrial waste into RDF alternative fuel.

RDF stands for Refuse Derived Fuel, or "waste as fuel", which is a kind of solid fuel derived from combustible wastes through sorting, crushing, drying and other processes. This fuel is widely used in industry (cement kiln co-disposal, etc.) and in urban heating, power and other fields. The process of producing RDF generally consists of the following steps:

Separation: Separating industrial waste so that combustible and non-combustible waste can be treated simultaneously;

Shredding: Shredding combustible waste into small pieces for subsequent drying and molding;

Drying: The use of drying equipment to dry the broken waste to a certain moisture content below, in order to better mold;

Molding: The drying of combustible waste for molding, commonly used molding methods including compaction and granulation.

Industrial waste RDF production line

Combustible waste prepared into RDF come from a wide range of sources and can include industrial solid wastes such as wood, pulp, paper, plastics, rubber, textiles, etc. In addition, in the process of producing RDF, non-combustible wastes are classified to avoid further pollution to the environment. In conclusion, RDF fuel preparation has both economic and environmental benefits.

However, there are some technical problems in the preparation of RDF fuel, among which the crushing technology is one of the important links of waste treatment. In garbage disposal, the use of shredding machine for garbage crushing treatment can greatly reduce the volume of garbage, enhance the combustion efficiency of garbage, so as to generate less ash and carbon dioxide.

Double-shaft shredder and fine crusher are two common shredding machines, they can be efficient for different types of garbage crushing. GEP ECOTECH independent research and development and production of double-shaft shredder has the characteristics of high efficiency, strong, durable, especially for the garbage easy to stick together has excellent crushing effect. The single-shaft shredder is more suitable for general daily waste and plastic waste crushing.

Of course, shredding garbage is only one part of garbage disposal. In order to achieve the objective of waste treatment more effectively, a variety of technical means, such as selection, sorting, incineration, etc., are needed. Only comprehensive use of various technical means, can realize more efficient, more environmentally friendly waste treatment and resource utilization.

In conclusion, double-shaft shredder and fine crushers have unique advantages in crushing industrial wastes. Making industrial wastes into RDF fuel is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.