Which Shredder Is Used for Lithium Battery Recycling?

The number of scrapped new energy power lithium batteries is increasing. Completely scrapped new energy lithium batteries can be recycled into lithium battery raw materials through equipment crushing and decomposition, which can reduce pollution and realize resource reuse. This recycling process will use shredding machine. So which shredder is used for lithium battery recycling? Let's take a brief look.

lithium battery

How do lithium batteries crush?

Pour the waste lithium battery into the feed bin of the shredder. At this time, the pushing device squeezes the material downward to speed up the material crushing and improve the crushing efficiency. The lithium battery is broken into small pieces by the main shredder and output through the discharge hopper. Because lithium batteries are flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safe operation throughout the process, professional fire-fighting equipment is required.

What kind of shredder is suitable for shredding used lithium batteries?

Dual shaft shredders are often used to shred used lithium batteries. Its low-speed, high-torque working principle is very suitable for crushing lithium batteries of different sizes. Secondly, the opposite shear force of the equipment cutter can cut the lithium battery into smaller pieces, which is very convenient for subsequent disposal. GDI double-shaft shearing shredder is a kind of double-shaft shredder. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise, and good stability. It is often used to crush lithium batteries, circuit boards, mice, and other electronic waste.

GDI double-shaft shearing shredder

When you are worried about the equipment used for new energy power lithium battery crushing, the GEP ECOTECH shredder is a choice that will not go wrong. Fighting for your profit is a task we keep in mind. Therefore, our lithium battery shredder is durable and cost-effective. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our project sites at home and abroad. You can also send your own materials to test our lithium battery shredder. I believe our equipment will not let you down!

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Mia Tominac
Mia Tominac5 weeks ago

My name is Mia Tominac and I am a testing engineer. I am writing to You in order to get more information regarding Shredder recycling solution GEP ECOTECH has on the market. 

As we work with energy storage devices in form of a battery that need to be disposed of safely after use, we are in the need of such recycling solution. In the following lines some relevant information for selection of the right Shredder that could assist You will be listed. 

Objects whose volume should be reduced by the process consist of steel, aluminum, copper and are toxic and flammable. Next, their capacity in terms of volume will approximately be 30 liters and 70 kg in weight. Dimensions should be approximately: width 150 cm, depth 70 cm and length 50 cm. Required feed type is manual. 

If there are any other important requirements that need to be defined, please, notify me. 

Therefore, I would like to kindly ask You, on behalf of the company, to give me some more relevant information about Your product and experiential advice on which to choose.

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