What kind of cutter material of double shaft shredder is better

As we all know, the blade material of a double shaft shredder is very important, because the cutter quality of the shredder is directly related to the production efficiency of the equipment. The service life of a good large piece of material is very stable, and the blade material will be broken soon after use, so it is very important to choose a good material.

What kind of cutter material of double shaft shredder is better

Material introduction of GEP imported cutter

The blade material of GEP double shaft shredder is made of alloy steel imported from Europe. This material is impact resistant and has strong toughness. Only in this way can the blade be free from crack and blunt. After many times of heat treatment and surface hardening and other advanced processing technology, the equipment blade has high hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. The service life of the blade of the double shaft shredder is longer, the frequency of tool change is reduced, and the cost performance is relatively higher.

When purchasing a double shaft shredder, you should carefully understand the blades used by the manufacturer of the double shaft shredder, because the blades of the double shaft shredder are often in contact with all kinds of materials, and they are common vulnerable parts, which are the parts of the whole machine that wear quickly. The blade can also be customized according to different materials, which can meet the recycling requirements of various solid wastes. There are many kinds of recyclable materials. According to different material requirements, different types of blades are recommended.

In addition, according to the different materials processed, GEP ECOTECH flexibly adjusts the rotation speed of professionally designed customized blade, so as to further increase the bite force and achieve better tearing effect. The purpose of doing this is not only to avoid unnecessary wear of the shredder blade and increase the service life of the shredder and blade, but also to increase the output value.

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