Types of Biomass Shredding Machines

Biomass shredding machines is a shredder used to crush agricultural and forestry straw waste or branches, trunks and roots. There are currently three types of biomass shredding machines on the market, disc crusher, comprehensive crusher and shear crusher . Let us briefly understand these three biomass shredding machines.

Disc shredding machines

This is a relatively early biomass material shredding machine, which is mainly designed for corn stalks. The existing problems are low output, fast replacement frequency of wearing parts, high energy consumption, and large amount of dust.

Disc shredding machines

Comprehensive shredding machines

The comprehensive shredding machine is specially designed for shredding branches and trunks. It is also called a chipper. It can cut the whole branches and trunks into small pieces for composting or briquetting. Occasionally comprehensive shredders be also used to crush agricultural and forestry waste straw, but the use effect is not ideal. 

Comprehensive shredding machines

Shear shredding machines

In recent years, the shear shredder is mainly used for crushing agricultural and forestry biomass straw , and can also be used for crushing branches, trunks, roots and other materials. The crushing effect is very good, especially for the crushing of raw materials in biomass thermal power plants. It is the recommended shredding machines for biomass thermal power plants because of its advantages such as large disposal capacity, low energy consumption, and long replacement cycle of wearing parts.

Although there are many types of biomass shredding machines, when choosing a biomass shredding machine, it is necessary to determine what kind of shredding machines to use according to the material characteristics and equipment usage. Of course, the current market is dominated by comprehensive shredders and shear shredders. If you want to know more about biomass crusher, please contact me directly, we can provide more equipment information!

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