How to Recycle the Crushed Glass?

There are two types of methods for converting crushed glass into other useful materials, one is heating type and the other is non-heating type. Let's take a look at it below.

crushed glass


Non-heated utilization is also called mechanical utilization. The specific method is to directly smash according to the use situation or to first wash, sort, and dry the recycled worn-out glass, and then use mechanical methods to pulverize them into small particles. Or grinding and processing into small glass balls for later use. There are several ways to use them:

① Use glass fragments as a combination of road surfaces, building bricks, glass wool insulation materials and honeycomb structural materials;

②The crushed glass is directly stirred and mixed with the components of the building materials to form a prefabricated analysis of the overall building;

③The crushed container glass can also be used to make reflector materials and clothing decorations;

④Used to decorate the surface of the building to make it have a beautiful optical effect;

⑤It can be directly ground into various shapes, and then glued into arts and crafts or small decorations such as buttons.

⑥The mixture of glass and plastic waste can be molded into synthetic slate products.

⑦It can be used to produce sewage pipelines.

Heating type

The heating type is used to crush the glass, melt it in a high-temperature melting furnace, and then use the fast drawing method to make glass fiber.

This glass fiber can be widely used to make asbestos tiles, glass cylinders and various building materials and daily necessities.

It can be seen from the above that broken glass has a wide range of uses, and we should make good use of waste glass. GEP ECOTECH can provide multiple types of shredders, such as dual-shaft shredders and hammer crushers, which can efficiently shred waste glass. If you want to shred glass, come and learn about our equipment!

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