How to Improve the Crushing Efficiency of Double-Shaft Shredder Machine?

In the previous article, we introduced the reasons for the low crushing efficiency of the double-shaft shredder, so how to improve the crushing efficiency of the double-shaft shredder machine? Let us continue talking today.

double-shaft shredder

The double-shaft shredder equipment is preheated and idling before starting up

Many people ignore this small detail, but facts have proved that the idling preheating of the double-shaft shredder equipment can greatly improve its working condition and service life.

Don't make too much difference in crushing materials at the same time

For example, when we tear up wood, we will always tear up the wood. When we tear up the plastic bag, we will always tear up the plastic bag. This can ensure the working effect of the double-shaft shredder equipment, and the shredded product will be more uniform. more and important,this will protect the double-shaft shredder equipment.

The lubrication work of the double shaft shredder should be done well

This is not only to increase output and production capacity, but also to extend the service life of the twin-shaft shredder.

The double-shaft shredder can crush almost all the common materials in life, so it is widely used. Providing the crushing efficiency of the double-shaft shredder can help us achieve a good input-output ratio, so we must keep in mind to improve the double-shaft shredder Production efficiency, to achieve a multiplier effect in the production process. The double-shaft shredder produced by GEP ECOTECH is professionally designed, stable in operation, cost-effective, and best-selling worldwide. Welcome to consult!

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