How Much Does a Industrial Textile Shredding Machine Cost

This afternoon, a customer called and said that he was looking for an industrial textile shredding machine to process garment scraps, leather waste, etc. in their factory, and asked how much our industrial textile shredder cost. In fact, if we want to know the price of a piece of equipment, we must first choose the right equipment model. So today we will talk about what model to choose and how much is the industrial textile shredding machine?

What type of shredder to choose for industrial textile shredding machine

The choice of industrial fabric shredding equipment mainly depends on the type and shape of the fabric to be crushed and the degree of crushing required. Although the double shaft shear shredder has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, and good stability for crushing fabrics, the output is not so fine. If you need finer materials, you can also try some single-shaft shredders.

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What are the factors affecting the industrial textile shredding machine cost?

Situation of materials to be disposed of

The range of fabrics is very wide, in addition to clothing, leather, nylon, etc. Therefore, suitable industrial fabric shredding equipment should be recommended according to the actual situation of the material. If the material to be broken is easily broken, a lower power is recommended , If there are more difficult to break objects inside, you need to recommend a higher power. Therefore, the shredder used for different materials to be crushed will be different, and the price of the shredder will be different.

Production requirements

If output demand is an important factor affecting the price of industrial fabric shredding equipment, for example, the same type of waste fabric that needs to process 3T or 5T in an hour has different shredding equipment models. Natural equipment The price is also different.

Desired disposal effect

The width of the material after the industrial fabric shredding equipment is broken is determined by the width of the blade. So make it clear what shape you want to break into, and the size of the material to be satisfied with the ideal effect you want to achieve. Different discharging effects, different shredder configurations, and equipment prices will also be different.

Equipment manufacturing raw materials

This is an important factor in the price of industrial fabric shredding equipment. Good raw materials can greatly extend the life of the shredder and provide a reliable guarantee for the continuous operation of the shredder. For example, the raw materials made by Jeep Tools are imported from Europe, which are more than several times higher than ordinary raw materials. So when choosing a shredder, you can't just choose the one with a lower price. You have to compare and choose the one that suits you.

Manufacturer after-sales service

After-sales service is very important, and it will greatly affect whether your subsequent production lines can run smoothly. If you buy a shredder manufacturer that does not have after-sales service at all, it will greatly increase your anxiety during use.

In addition to cost, we must consider the above factors when choosing a industrial shredder. GEP ECOTECH is a shredder manufacturer that can be selected after comprehensive consideration, our industrial textile shredding machine has a wide range of models, can be customized, and has a high degree of automation. The price ranges from 40,000 ~$500,000. Global project cases can be visited and inspected by appointment. If you want to know more, please consult us!

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