Heavy duty industrial waste shredder for sale in Philippines

Heavy duty industrial waste shredder is a very common used equipment during waste recycling industry, especially with the society development, government pay more attention to the environment protection. In the process of waste recycling, the heavy duty industrial waste shredder play important role.


There are many kinds of industrial waste shredder to deal with different material, no matter domestic waste, all kinds of industrial waste(plastic, paper, wood, waste tire ad so on), green waste, organic waste, there is suitable waste shredder to deal with it.

GEP Ecotech Co., Ltd. covers intelligent solid waste shredding equipment, intelligent monitoring system, intelligent dust control system.Solid waste shredding equipment is mainly used in the fields of domestic waste classification, incineration, cement kiln co-disposal, hazardous waste pre-disposal, rubber and plastics, electronic waste, organic waste and other solid waste shredding and resource regeneration. An intelligent monitoring and control system and an intelligent dust control system have been designed for high pollution situations such as solid waste disposal plants and mines.

GEP ECOTECH can provide customers with remote monitoring and intelligent systems, the integration of mechanical equipment and the Internet, high-end intelligent technology makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

So if you want to find a heavy duty industrial waste shredder for sale in Philippines, please feel free to contact with GEP Ecotech, we can provide suitable solution based on customers' exact demand.

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Amr Basset
Amr Basset1 year ago

Good morning sir Our Company is from the Philippines and our business is collecting garbage from mall and Commercial establishment from our region im interested in your waste Shredding machine

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