Comparison of Three Plastic Film Shredder Machine

Plastic film has now been widely used in agriculture, food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields, bringing great convenience to people's lives, but the recycling of plastic film has always been a big problem in the environmental protection industry, and the recycling rate of plastic film is particularly low. It's not that people don't want to use it, but that there is a lack of reliable and effective equipment to assist. The advent of plastic film shredders has solved this problem to a great extent!

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Plastic film is a soft material with strong entanglement. It is very difficult to recycle and reuse. If you want to shred it, you cannot use traditional fast-knife shredding equipment. Traditional shredding equipment is easy to be stuck during the shredding process. Strong winding materials must use a professional plastic film shredder. Today, dual-shaft shearing shredders, dual-single-shaft shredders and single-shaft shredders are often used to shred plastic films. The following will introduce these three plastic film shredders.

Single shaft plastic film shredder

The single-shaft shredder has excellent comprehensive performance and outstanding performance in terms of processing capacity, reliability, and maintainability.

The single-shaft shredder can shred plastic waste at high speed, and the output is finer.

Double single shaft plastic film shredder

The double single shaft shredder is evolved on the basis of the single shaft fine shredder. From the beginning of the design, this equipment pursues higher production capacity, lower operating costs, faster maintenance methods and more user-friendly operating experience. The material can naturally fall into the crushing area of the cutter group through the feeding bin, without the need for a pushing device, and the automatic and uniform speed feeding of each chip cutter roller can be realized.

The double single-shaft shredder can shred various mixed plastic wastes at high speed, with uniform discharge and controllable size.

Double shaft shearing plastic film shredder

Double-shaft shearing shredders are widely used for shredding plastic films due to their advantages of large torque, wide material applicability and high efficiency. After the plastic film goes down, it can be torn and shredded little by little, and the shredding effect is obvious. When the shredder is overloaded and stuck, it will turn itself over, then rotate forward, adjust the position of the material, and then continue to rotate forward and shred to ensure that safe and reliable production.

The equipment crushes various mixed plastic wastes at low speed, with large output and coarse discharge.

People's life and production are now inseparable from plastics, and as a result, large plastic films are produced. Recycling plastic films is a big market. The GEP intelligent plastic film shredder is a practical good helper for plastic recycling. If you want to know more about the disposal of plastic film, please contact us for more professional information!

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