Best way to recycle used car tires

Data show that used car tires are growing rapidly every year. This is why the problem of correct disposal of end-of-life car tires is becoming more and more important in industrial waste disposal. However, used car tires are usually stored in landfills in many countries around the world, but long-term storage of used tires is a big hidden danger. Fortunately, we already have a relatively complete tire recycling solution that can recycle used car tires and use them to make new products.

used car tires

GDT tire shredder is one of the solutions proposed by GEP ECOTECH. Its purpose is to meet the specific needs of the market without neglecting the productivity. The output is not less than 5 tons/hour to make the processing economically sustainable.

GDT tire shredder is equipped with special blades, which can overcome the problem of steel wire wear contained in tire rubber. The products shredded by this special twin-shaft shredder are of very good quality, and cement plants need a large amount of this material as fuel, the so-called TDF "tire-derived fuel".

car tires shredder

Although in many countries and regions, tire handling problems are still difficult to overcome, GEP ECOTECH has proven that we can find the best way to recycle used car tires solutions.

For more information, please contact us and let us introduce you more car tire recycling programs and equipment.

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