Best aluminium can recycling crusher shredder

Environmental and economic benefits of recycled aluminum cans

Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and the process requires only 5% of the electricity required to produce new aluminum directly from the ore. These numbers are not a secret. In the field of aluminum can recycling, we know that we need to:

  • 3Aluminum cans to make glasses frames,
  • 37 aluminum cans to make Italian Moka pots,
  • 800 aluminum cans to make a bicycle.

    Scrap aluminum cans

Shredder is the key equipment for recycling aluminum cans

In the recycling process of aluminum cans, the shredder can cut the collected aluminum cans into small pieces. After reducing the size, the aluminum cut wire will be sent to the decoating machine to depaint the paint or other materials. Then, the decoated shreds will be melted in a furnace, and then the raw material for manufacturing new aluminum products will be further produced. The aluminum can shredder is a device that can break aluminum cans into small pieces, and is a key step in the recycling of aluminum cans.

GDI double-shaft shearing shredder is often used to crush aluminum materials. Its low-speed and high-torque working principle is very suitable for crushing aluminum cans of different sizes. Secondly, the discharging after crushing of the equipment can be controlled by the screen, which can crush the aluminum can to the ideal size, which is very convenient for subsequent disposal.

GDI double-shaft shearing shredder

Advantages of GDI Double Shaft Shearing Shredder

GDI double-shaft shearing shredder is a kind of double-shaft shredder. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise, and good stability. It is often used in Aluminum cans have other solid waste crushing, let us see what other advantages it has.

GI intelligent monitoring system

The GI intelligent monitoring system can monitor and analyze the overall operating data of the production line in real time to understand the operating status of the equipment in time and reduce the cost of errors.

Customized design, full models

GDI double-shaft shearing shredder has customized different models, different output, high crushing efficiency, single machine production capacity can reach 60t/h, which can meet the crushing requirements of different customers.

Quality parts configuration

The GDI double-shaft shear crusher adopts imported bearings and multiple sealing technology; advanced anti-loosening technology can avoid equipment failure due to loose bolts; it is equipped with quality electrical components and has good controllability.

High-precision processing technology

All key components of the GDI double-shaft shear crusher are made of imported high-quality alloy forgings. After heat treatment, the wear resistance is good, the strength is high, and the service life is increased by 3-5 times; the overall knife box design, the frame structure is firm, and the strength is greater.

The GDI double-shaft shear shredder has solved many customers' troubles in the accumulation of aluminum can waste. In addition to the double-shaft shear shredder, GEP ECOTECH can also provide a variety of models of shredders for crushing different types of aluminum materials. If you want to know more, please contact us!

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