Why Waste Leather Need to Be Crushed?

Davina 2023-04-15

Waste leather refers to the leftover leather material or the waste leather material that has been used in the process of making leather products. It usually contains a lot of water and oil, and is difficult to degrade or recycle. In order to solve this problem, many leather manufacturers have adopted the crushing method to dispose of waste leather. So why is scrap leather shredded? This article will be from the environmental protection, resource utilization and economic benefits for you to answer in detail.

Waste leather shredder

Firstly, crushing waste leather can effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution. Waste leather contains a lot of grease and moisture, if directly disposed of or landfill, will not only cause land pollution, but also cause a large area of foul odor and toxic smell, to the surrounding residents have a great impact on the life. And by crushing treatment, can effectively decompose the harmful substances in waste leather, reduce the pressure of the environment, so as to protect people's health and quality of life.

Secondly, crushing waste leather can realize the reuse of resources. Waste leather contains many useful components and elements, such as protein, collagen, vitamins, etc., which are widely used in agriculture, medicine, chemical industry and so on. By pulverizing waste leather into small particles, it can be more convenient for subsequent processing and utilization, giving full play to its rich value without wasting these renewable resources.

Waste leather after shredding

Finally, there are economic benefits to crushing scrap leather. Waste leather treatment is a tedious work, requires a lot of manpower and material input, and through crushing treatment can accelerate the processing progress, reduce production costs and labor costs, improve work efficiency and output, for the enterprise to bring positive economic benefits.

In short, crushing waste leather has significant advantages in environmental protection, resource utilization and economic benefits, and plays a positive role in promoting sustainable development and promoting environmental protection industry. Therefore, we should strengthen the crushing treatment of waste leather, promote the reuse of waste and the recycling of resources, realize the maximum use of resources, become treasure, and build a green ecological environment. Jiepu intelligent environmental protection can provide a variety of models of leather shredder, reliable quality, perfect after-sales, welcome to consult!