What kind of materials can double shaft shredder machine crush?

Shan 2021-03-12

In the solid waste crushing and disposal industry, the double shaft shredder machine is the most mentioned equipment. The reason why it is repeatedly mentioned is because the application range of the double-shaft shredder machine is very wide. It is important to know that in the disposal of solid waste materials, the composition of materials is complex, and some materials may be difficult to break because of too much toughness or extruded materials. For this material, the comprehensive crushing advantages of the twin-shaft shredder are reflected.

double shaft shredder machine

What kind of materials can double shaft shredder machine crush

Double shaft shredder machine are used for coarse crushing of household waste, bulky waste crushing treatment, biomass straw incineration and crushing treatment, waste tire resource regeneration and crushing treatment, and preliminary crushing treatment of kitchen waste, pretreatment of various industrial wastes, etc.

GD double-shaft shearing crusher is a kind of double-shaft shredder, which uses the principle of mutual shear and tearing between two relatively rotating knives to crush materials. Adopting "dual motor + dual planetary reducer", it has strong power and high running stability. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability. It has a good crushing effect on soft and hard materials.

The GD double-shaft shearing shredder is mainly characterized by intelligent control, which can not only realize the full crushing and regeneration of materials in the garbage treatment process, but also has an intelligent dust reduction system to greatly reduce the hidden dangers of dust pollution during the garbage recycling and reuse process. , To provide a reliable guarantee for the standardized, harmless, and resource-based disposal of solid waste!