What Equipment Does It Take to Recycle Industrial Solid Waste into RDF Fuel Rods?

Davina 2023-05-24

Industrial production will produce a lot of waste, along with the development of our country economy, industrial waste more and more, along with the development of national environmental protection, industrial solid waste must be properly treated, under the background of "no waste city", the treatment requirements of the industrial solid waste is higher, not only harmless treatment, at the same time must carry out resources utilization. General industrial solid waste in the narrow sense, we usually refer to the leather scraps or waste spinning scraps from clothing and footwear factories, as well as the light slag or twisted rope produced by paper mills. In fact, these raw materials have a high calorific value and high resource utilization value. They can usually be broken into small sizes or made into RDF fuel rods and sold to power plants or cement plants. In this way, industrial solid waste disposal enterprises have a part of profits when receiving raw materials and another part of profits when selling resource products. What equipment is needed to convert industrial solid waste into RDF fuel? The following are introduced to you one by one.

RDF production line

1. Primary double-shaft shredder

Industrial solid waste generally large amount, bundle packaging, need biaxial shear break for primary crushing, biaxial shear break design low speed, high torque, larger shear force, crushing power is more powerful, very suitable for industrial solid waste as a primary crushing equipment.

2. Single-shaft fine shredder

If industrial solid waste wants to be resourced into RDF, it needs to be processed to the size that meets RDF forming, which is usually controlled at about 5-8cm. In this case, single-axis fine crusher is needed. Currently, our company's single-axis fine crusher has been upgraded to the third generation product, which integrates power, feeding, crushing, discharging, maintenance and intelligent protection. Not only the product structure has been comprehensively upgraded, but also the overall crushing capacity, application range and service life have been significantly improved.

Single-shaft fine shredder

3. RDF formers

After being crushed by the uniaxial crusher, the size of the materials has reached the requirement of making RDF fuel rods. Then the crushed materials can be made into RDF fuel rods by the RDF forming machine. RDF forming machine consists of frame, motor, feed port, transmission system, press roll, ring die, electric heating ring, discharge port, etc. The molding mold is closely arranged into a ring layout, and a material molding channel is formed in the middle of two adjacent molds. In this way, the machine formed a radial distribution of material molding channel. The forming press wheel is driven by the main power to do planetary motion and drive the material into the mold entrance. In the process of the press wheel gradually approaching the point of cutting into the mold, the fed material is squeezed into the mold channel under the action of the normal pressure of the press wheel, and continues to fold in the channel to form pressure, and finally out of the mold in the form of finished products, to complete the whole molding process.

RDF Pelleting Mill

In addition to the above equipment, some auxiliary equipment may be needed in the process of making general industrial solid waste into RDF fuel rods, depending on the material situation. GEP ECOTECH has rich project service experience in industrial waste treatment, please feel free to contact us for further communication.