What about Retired New Energy Vehicle Batteries?

Lee 2023-05-25

As is well known, heavy metals, electrolyte solutes, and organic solvents in waste batteries are all pollutants. A small button cell can pollute 600m³. So what about the millions of tons of retired new energy vehicle batteries?

Retired new energy vehicle batteries

However, there is no need to worry. If handled properly, these batteries are treasures rich in precious metals such as cobalt, nickel, lithium, and manganese. Extracting these components through reasonable regeneration and utilization can alleviate the shortage of raw materials for power batteries and improve resource utilization efficiency.

In addition to the recycling mode of extracting raw materials, there is also cascade utilization, which means dismantling and reassembling retired batteries and applying them to areas such as energy storage that do not require high energy density in batteries, achieving one-time manufacturing and multiple uses.

According to relevant data, 1000 kilograms of batteries can be recycled to over 950 kilograms, meaning over 95% of them can be reused. This is very encouraging data.

GV tower type battery shredding system

Of course, to achieve this high utilization rate, selecting the right equipment is crucial. GEP is a company that can provide reliable equipment for customers. Our double-shaft shredder, fine shredder, and four-shaft shredder can help with the battery disassembly process with half the effort and twice the result. For safety reasons, we have also launched the GV tower type battery shredding system, which is equipped with a professional fire protection system on top of conventional crushers, achieving double insurance of high shredding efficiency and high safety and stability.