Waste Bark to Fuel, 2 Shaft Shearing Shredder to Help

Shan 2022-10-28

The randomly discarded bark can be made into granular fuel after drying, crushing and other pretreatment. GEP ECOTECH provides a variety of equipment for preparing fuel from bark, and the bark shredder is one of the important equipment. Bark shredder can crush waste bark into fuel suitable for boiler combustion size, and then convert heat energy into steam through boiler combustion. The steam generated can be converted into heat energy for heating or electricity for power supply.

Waste bark

In order to better meet the crushing size standard for fuel, GEP ECOTECH has produced a series of high-quality equipment, such as GSD 2 roll fine shredder, GDB 2 shaft shear shredder, GPW mobile shredding station, etc. Among them, GDB shredder is widely used, which is also due to its extensive material applicability and flexible product size screen. The screen system has a variety of sizes to choose from, and is equipped with an intelligent protection system, which can produce the required particle size and also can deal with foreign matters. Let's see what GDB shredder users say.

Customer evaluation of GDB 2 shaft shearing shredder

Filipino customer: "We are looking for different ways to improve our fuel production process, mainly around improving safety and efficiency. We found that with other shredders, many products need to be reprocessed. But with the 2 shaft shearing shredder, we can immediately obtain more finished products - this is a one-step crushing process."

Project site of Philippines double shaft shear shredder
Project site of Philippines double shaft shear shredder

Malaysian customer: "For us, the GDB 2 shaft shredder rotates slowly, making it quieter and safer to work".

Northeast China customer: "We expect the output of a single shredder to be 30 tons per hour, but the model of the equipment used before is often not up to the standard, which affects the effect of the whole production line. Since we tried to use the 2 shaft shearing shredder, the output could easily reach 30 tons per hour, which is beyond our expectations."

Effect of GDB 2 shaft shearing shredder crush bark

2 shaft shearing shredder can reduce the size of materials by shearing, tearing and extruding. The GDB series shredders of our company is improved according to the actual situation with mature technology and advanced design, which are reliable equipment for crushing biomass such as bark. Now let's see the effect of crushing bark through a video!


The GDB 2 shaft shearing shredder produced by our company can crush the bark into 3~10cm, and the discharge size can be determined according to the user's needs, laying a good foundation for the preparation of fuel from the bark. In addition to the shredder, we can also provide complete bark preparation fuel equipment such as molding machine. If you want to know about waste bark to fuel, please come to consult us!