The Method of Biomass Power Generation

Lee 2023-09-17

The energy issue is a global issue, and biomass power generation, which does not rely on exhaustible fossil fuels such as oil and coal, is receiving increasing attention and is being popularized due to its friendliness to the Earth's environment.

Biomass power generation refers to the use of biomass as a fuel for power generation, which is a biological resource generated by animals and plants. By directly burning or fermenting biomass, turning a turbine to generate electricity.

Main fuels for biomass power generation

1. Forestry waste such as wood, tree stumps, branches, etc

2. Agricultural waste such as sugarcane, sugar beet, corn, straw, etc

3. Animal manure, household waste, sewage sludge and other waste

The method of biomass power generation

1. Direct combustion method

This method generates electricity by directly burning biomass fuel and rotating a turbine. Energy is extracted by burning thinned wood and wood waste into wood particles and sawdust, or by burning combustible waste and waste oil. The direct combustion method has a simple structure, so compared to other methods, there are fewer fuel processing steps. In the direct combustion method, the medium that causes the turbine to rotate is steam.

power plant

2. Pyrolysis gasification method

Pyrolysis gasification is a method of generating electricity by converting biomass fuel into gas instead of directly burning it. By converting to gas, compared to direct combustion, the combustion efficiency and power generation efficiency are improved. It is mainly achieved by converting wood waste, vegetable waste, etc. into gas. In the pyrolysis gasification method, the medium that causes the turbine to rotate is gas.

3. Biochemical gasification method

Biochemical gasification is also a method of utilizing gas, but unlike pyrolysis gasification, it mainly utilizes methane gas produced by fermentation. Methane gas has the characteristic of flammability and can perform bioluminescence even if it contains water. Therefore, unlike other methods, it does not require treatment such as removing water. Biomass fuels mainly consist of animal manure, household waste, and sewage sludge. The medium that drives the turbine to rotate in the biochemical gasification method is biogas.

GEP's shredding and sorting equipment is mainly used in the pre-treatment process of biomass power generation fuel, reducing the size of biomass fuel, removing impurities, and making sufficient preparations for subsequent combustion or pyrolysis gasification to improve efficiency.

Biomass resource utilization system
GEP ECOTECH's Pre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant

Compared to using fossil fuels for power generation, biomass power generation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, effectively utilize waste and idle resources, and play a role in building a circular society and a waste free city.