Plastic shredder for sale in Indonesia

Anna 2020-11-27

Plastic products bring our life big convenience, many kinds of rich plastic products we can use, greatly saved our time, but at the same time, plastic bring our environment big pollution, we see many plastic waste are dumped to the sea, to anywhere, because of plastic is Non-degradable, it can always exist in the ocean, in the land, which will take great damage to our living environment. And also to the ocean animals.

plastic waste

The Ocean Conservancy reported that Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam dump more plastic in the sea than all other countries combined, after the plastic waste are dumped in the ocean, as it is non-degradable, it will exist in the ocean all the time, the ocean animals will eat these plastic waste as food, but the “plastic food”will make the ocean animals death, so it is important to treat the plastic well.

Indonesia is a country with thousands islands, and has large ocean area, so it is very necessary to treat the plastic waste in right way to protect the ocean environment.

GEP designed special plastic shredder used for plastic recycling, usually the solution is like this: forklifts send piles of plastic waste to the feed port of the production line, through the feeding conveyor into the first shredding, magnetic separation, and then into the secondary shredding, and after the final sorting, get different kinds of products. The whole production line is with high automation, only 2 or 3 workers can complete the operation, which saves the material operation cost and labor cost. This intelligent plastic waste disposal production line has won the recognition and praise of users with high quality and strict standards.

plastic shredder

Hope GEP plastic shredder can be more widely used to reduce the damage made by plastic waste, and hope our earth environment will be more and more beautiful.