How to Choose a shredder?

James 2020-11-24
  • Strength of the manufacture

The manufacturer strength is one of the most important things for a company. Of course, there are some small shredder manufacturer do not have strong finishing ability, they also use bad raw material, as a result the shredder cannot running for a long time. Some of small manufacture substitute inferior products for good ones and sell to customers at high price. There are some company do not have factory, they just buy shredders from other factory, they get the margin in between. We GEP suggest you should visit the factory and examine the manufacturing strength.

  • Manufacturer's service

It not only includes pre-sales, under sales, but also includes the most important after sales service. After running in a long time, the shredder may go wrong, which needs the manufacturer to send post sales engineers to solve the problem.

  • Why choose GEP

GEP has rich experience in manufacturing shredder. Its machine exported to many countries, such as America, Norway, Malaysia, Philippines, and so on.