How Much Is RDF Fuel Rod per Ton?

Davina 2023-04-19

What is the most popular concept of solid waste treatment? RDF fuel rods are definitely on the list. RDF, short for RefuseDerivedFuel, has high caloric value, stable combustion, easy transportation, easy storage, low secondary pollution and low emissions of dioxins, and is widely used in drying engineering, cement manufacturing, heating engineering and power generation.

So in the context of the two-carbon target, RDF technology becomes popular, opening up more possibilities for recycling waste. Therefore, in the field of solid waste disposal, more and more enterprises sell waste into RDF, which generates economic value and makes waste disposal a step closer from incineration to resource treatment. Investing in a solid waste RDF fuel rod production line is still a big upfront investment, including building the plant, purchasing equipment, power consumption, etc., so many customers are also concerned about the market and price of RDF fuel rods.

RDF fuel rod

In fact, there is a great demand in the market, for example, for cement factories. Firstly, the coal price keeps rising in the past two years, and the cement companies are very willing to use RDF fuel rods to burn to reduce fuel costs; secondly, in the cement industry's demand to reduce carbon emissions, the burning of RDF fuel rods is conducive to the green transformation of cement. In addition to the cement industry, waste incineration and heating can be widely used. So how much does RDF fuel rod cost per ton? In fact, the price of RDF fuel rods is affected by many factors, such as location, calorific value of different components, supply and demand, transportation costs, etc. Based on our conversations with our customers, RDF usually sells for 300 to 500 yuan per ton, which is a good price for you to look at. It depends on the local situation, but if you estimate the annual output of RDF, the economic benefits are quite objective.

Solid waste shredding line

GEP ECOTECH has been engaged in solid waste treatment solutions for many years, and we have rich experience in RDF preparation equipment and processes. If you want to know more about RDF preparation equipment, processes, operations and other related issues, please feel free to contact us and jointly contribute to the development of solid waste recycling.