Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Rise, Crushing Machines Industry is Booming

AIShred 2017-11-16

The modernization of the nation and the rise of environmental protection industry have created the vigorous vitality of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, espacially promoted the demand of crushing machines, which highly boost the development of crushing machines industry. With the development of science and technology, the crushing machines are developed to a high level. Over a period time in the future, the reqirment of environmental protection and infrastructure improvements make the crushing machines market at bloom.


As the trditional industry, the crushing industry has nearly a hundred years development process. Though started relatively late compared with western developed countries, the crusher industry is rapidly developed and grew in China. Now, the crushers are widely applied in the industires like metallurgy, mining, coal, water conservancy, building, building materials, environmental protection and chemical industry.

Espacially in recent years, with the vigorous development of cement, coal and infrastructure, the crushing industry has a rapid growth and technical advancement, which promoted the development of crushing machines and equipment enterprises. Thinking of the stability of economic construction and the standardization of market, the nation encourages the enterprises’independent research and development and innovation. So, there we had large crusher and high level crusher, operation stably with low cost.

On one hand, with unlimited market potential and broad development space, one the other hand, lots of enterprises jointed in this industry due to the nice investment environment, now there is a intense market competition. So, it impels the crushers developed to high level, upgrated from Made in China to Intelligent Manufactured in China.

Now with the further development of Eco civilization and shortagesof global resources and energy, the traditional crushing industry is no longer suitable for the current market development, which is high energy consumption and emission and seriously polluted the environment and wasted the resources. The new crushing equipment under the new technology is well populared by customers due to its environment friendly and low pollution and low energy consumption features.

For the nation, it should strengthen the encouragement of technological innovation, based on the major science and technology projects breaking through the core and key technologies. In addition, we should strengthen the construction of talent team in the crusher industry, including entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, industrial workers, industrial talents reserve and etc. toprovidetalents protectionfor strengthening the ability of independent innovation and enhance the overall quality of industry. As long as we have the core and key technologies, we can be the respected global market competitor. The the enterprises, they should follow the nation’s policy, working hard to cohere the core strength and brand power.

Following the current development model, we believe in the future for a long period of time, the crushing industry will will occur new development opportunities. At the same time, with the upgrade of the technology, the difference of our crushers and advanced crushers will be reduced. All kinds of crushing machines will meet the market’s demand. In one condition, it will promots the development of national economy.