What’s the process to recycle tires?

Recycle waste tires is very necessary

Nowadays with the society development and environmental protection policy development, waste tires are a problem which make great pollution to the environment. There are more and more waste tires are replaced every year. So many people are willing to do this business, to recycle waste tires.

waste tire

What's the process to recycle tires?

Recycle waste tires is a difficult scientific project, usually many kinds of equipment are needed to recycle the waste tires. Gep Ecotech Co., ltd has rich experience in waste tires recycling industry, we have sold many recycle tires production line to many countries. The recycling tires production line is like following: first the waste tire will be delivery by a chain feeder to the double shaft shredder, the double shaft shredder will shred the tire to about 150mm, this size can be final rubber products, and can also for the further treatment according to different usage. For example, 10mm rubber particles can be made by steel wire separator machine, grinding mill can make very fine rubber powder.

waste tire recycling

What treasure can get from recycle tires?

After recycle tires, usually we can get several treasures: rubber, steel wire, oil, fiber and so on. Usually the rubber can be used as the material of regenerated rubber, or rubber runway, or other chemical use. Steel wire can be sold to the steel factory for smelting again. The oil can be used for electric power generation. So don’t look down upon the black waste tire, it is really treasure.

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