Wet Garbage Crusher for Breeding Black Water Flies and Earthworms

This year, many customers called to ask how to deal with urban wet garbage, and what can wet garbage shredder equipment do in wet garbage disposal projects... It’s no wonder that there are more and more questions about wet garbage disposal. According to the analysis of garbage components , The wet garbage in residents' homes accounts for about 60% of the total domestic garbage, and the effective disposal of wet garbage has become a major issue that we cannot ignore. Recently we have a wet garbage crusher for breeding black water flies and earthworms that has been put into use in Shanghai. Let's take a look at the situation of this project!

Shanghai wet garbage crushing & disposal project introduction

In this Shanghai wet garbage disposal project, the wet garbage can be used to breed black water flies and earthworms after disposal, which sounds rare.

The wet garbage collection truck sends the collected wet garbage to the transfer station for dehydration and pressing, and then to the garbage incineration power plant, where it is burned together with ordinary household garbage. Complementing the incineration disposal is the biological breeding and disposal of wet garbage. The main method is to crush, sort, remove iron, remove inorganic substances, dehydrate, and then ferment the collected garbage (the purer the organic matter, the better). The materials can be used as bait for black water flies horsefly and earthworms. The excrement of black water flies horsefly and earthworms can be used as raw materials for organic fertilizer. black water flies horsefly and earthworms themselves can be used as raw materials for fish protein powder to realize the recycling of wet garbage.

wet garbage shredding line

The functions of the wet garbage crusher

The wet garbage crusher mainly has the functions of bag breaking, fiber crushing, bulk material crushing and breaking up in the wet garbage disposal. The wet garbage crusher crushes the materials to a certain discharge particle size, which is convenient for the uniform feeding of the subsequent disposal process. And the uniform conveying of the conveying equipment ensures the smoothness of the entire production line.

wet garbage crusher

You see, wet garbage is a good resource as long as it is disposed of properly! GEP's wet garbage crushing and disposal project in Shanghai is a good example. As long as we find a suitable local disposal method, whether it is anaerobic fermentation, high-temperature aerobic composting or other, we will be able to "turn waste into precious". Let's work hard together on the way of recycling wet garbage!

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