Waste sorting center equipment for construction and demolition waste recycling

In recent years, domestic garbage and kitchen waste in many areas have been recycled. Only construction and demolition waste cannot be recycled, which has become a major problem in garbage disposal. In view of this situation, many cities have established construction and demolition waste sorting centers, which provide a good reference for other cities and regions to solve similar problems. Let us briefly understand the disposal equipment in the construction and demolition waste sorting centers.

equipment of construction and demolition waste recycling

Why is it difficult to deal with construction and demolition waste?

Because construction and demolition waste is mostly broken bricks, stones or plates and other building materials, its weight is far more than ordinary domestic waste under the same size. Some residents secretly throw construction waste into domestic waste bins, which will cause a lot of damage to mechanical waste collection trucks and waste bins. After these counterfeit domestic waste enters the incineration power plant, it is necessary to manually pick out the construction waste and transfer it to landfill as waste. This not only delays the process of collection, classification, and landfill, but also causes a waste of public resources.

How does the construction and demolition waste treatment equipment work?

A forklift transports the mixed C&D waste to a designated location. After manually picking out useful items, the remaining garbage is crushed into particles and transported to another designated area. A large-scale construction and demolition waste crusher is operating at high speed. After the construction and demolition waste conveyed in from the machine's feed port has been manually sorted and crushed through four processes, the originally huge garbage stones have become fine gravel. This is the part of the process for urban construction and demolition waste to realize resource utilization, which solves the problem of end disposal of construction waste and realizes the effective use of construction and construction and demolition waste.

The construction and demolition waste recycling equipment decomposes the construction and demolition waste through the combination of manpower and machinery, and realizes the reuse. Part of the waste is transported to the incineration power plant, and part of the granular crushed stone will be developed into recycled bricks, mortar, floor tiles and other raw materials, which can also be used for subgrade backfilling, thus achieving a resource disposal of construction and demolition waste!

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