Urban Wood Waste Shredder for Sale

The primary components of urban wood waste are used lumber, shipping pallets, trees, branches, and other wood debris from construction and demolition clearing and grubbing activities. Urban wood waste can be used in composing operations, as mulch, agricultural animal bedding, landfifi ll cover, in reconstituted building produces, and as an industrial fuel source for boilers.

Urban Wood Waste

Requirements for Recycling Urban Wood Waste

The wood waste must be separated from other wastes, cleaned of contaminants and fasteners, and processed to meet the market requirements through shredding or chipping. The final use of the wood waste often determines how clean and consistent the feedstock must be, though intermediate recyclers may accept material from a contractor with metal contaminants as long as they can remove the contaminants themselves.

Urban Wood Waste Shredding Machine

GEP Ecotech offers a variety of shredding machines for on-site or off-site use, which can perform a range of tasks to help manage wood waste. Shredders can reduce the volume of wood waste, remove metals, and grind the waste into product suitable for on-site use as mulching, or as more desirable boiler fuel. For projects involving a large amount of wood framing (and a correspondingly large amount of wood waste), the equipment and labor expense of reducing the waste to smaller quantities may pay for itself in reduced transportation and container costs.

See GEP Ecotech centralized waste shredding plan.

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