Significance brought by operation of food waste crusher and shredder

Under the situation of waste classification, it is required that our front-end classification and back-end disposal should be in parallel to form a closed-loop disposal effect. Only by opening up the upstream and downstream can we truly complete the waste classification and solve the classification problem. Today, let's talk about the significance brought by the operation of the back-end disposal equipment--food waste crusher and shredder.

food waste shredding

Hazards of kitchen waste

  • Kitchen waste pollutes air: during transportation and outdoor stacking, the decomposition of organic matter produces odor, and releases a large amount of ammonia and sulfide pollutants to the atmosphere, including more than 100 volatile gases, which contain many carcinogens and teratogens.
  • Safety hazard: there are a lot of organic matter in kitchen waste, which will produce methane and other combustible gas during natural stacking, which may cause spontaneous combustion, or explosion caused by fire source under sealing conditions and certain methane concentration, resulting in significant losses.
  • Harm to human health: kitchen waste is also the source of the major pathogens threatening the health of urban residents. There are Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and so on in swill. These bacteria are highly infectious pathogenic bacteria. Once they spread in the environment, they will pose a great threat to human health.

Disposal significance of food waste crusher and shredder

The food waste crusher and shredder can quickly clean up and dispose the kitchen waste generated by residents daily, so that the back end of the kitchen waste has a place to go, and the kitchen waste has been reduced, reduced, harmless and resourced. The use of food waste crusher and shredder directly solves the harm of kitchen waste, which is of great significance to the society.

Educational significance of food waste crusher and shredder

The important thing of garbage classification is to improve the residents' awareness of classification. When the back end is not established, some classified garbage is also mixed and transported, which makes some of our classification personnel have some negative awareness. When the back end is perfect, it can directly radiate the awareness of the front-end residents' garbage classification and promote the process of garbage classification.

At the same time, the operation of food waste crusher and shredder in the kitchen waste disposal center, the production is more standardized, can establish a benchmark project, choose the time period to invite all walks of life to visit, learn waste classification, from the actual experience of waste classification significance, play a great significance of publicity and education.

food waste crusher and shredder

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