Robust Multifunctional Industrial Twin Shaft Shredder

Compact, Robust and high-performance domestic and industrial twin shaft shredder GD seriers. Suitable for shredding various materials. Thanks to two independent drives, the shredder has increased productivity and greater load resistance. The cutting knives are mounted on 2 hex shafts that rotate at different speeds for more efficient material chopping. The feed hopper is designed in such a way that the material flows freely to the knife block. The shredder is controlled by automation, which controls the operation of electric motors, and also provides a reverse in case of material stuck.

Domestic and Industrial Twin Shaft Shredder

A twin-shaft shredder is a machine with two parallel shafts, on which the cutting knives are fixed. A loading hopper is installed above the shafts, directing debris to the primary crushing zone. At the bottom of the shafts, a screen or grating-classifier is installed, forming a secondary grinding zone.

different shaft


Hydraulic or Electric drive - independent for each shaft.

The knives are made of high-strength heat-treated steel.

Shredding tires without preliminary preparation (without removing the steel wire).

Remote control.

Modification version can be used as a shredder for primary or secondary processing (readjustment is required).

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