Plastic shredder machine for IBC tank disposal

Today, a customer said that he wanted to dispose IBC tank and asked whether our plastic shredder can handle it. In fact, there are many uses for plastic shredder. Today, let's take a brief look at plastic shredder machine for ibc tank disposal.

What is IBC?

IBC (intermediate bulk containers) are heavy-duty tanks used to hold a number of different items, including medicine, food, paint, grease, chemicals, etc. IBC barrels are composed of many different parts, which can usually be customized according to the needs of specific industries. The materials are plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

plastic ibc tank

Why do IBC tank disposal need to be reduced in volume?

For a long time, the conventional practice of IBC tank disposal is to remove the non-reusable containers after cleaning, and then recycle or dispose of each substance separately. Collect the plastic inner containers and transport them to the waste incineration plant by truck. However, this method leads to very high transportation and disposal costs. The volume of the IBC tank can be reduced and disposed of through a targeted treatment process, which greatly improves the subsequent treatment efficiency.

Plastic shredder is the ideal equipment for reducing the volume of IBC tank

IBC barrel reduction, GEP plastic shredder is very trustworthy. GEP plastic shredder adopts double-shaft shearing spiral arrangement, and the cutter adopts European alloy material, which has strong impact resistance. The GEP double-shaft shear shredder can cut plastic or metal into strips or fragments. After crushing, the volume of the IBC barrel can be reduced by more than 70%, which greatly facilitates subsequent transportation and disposal.

double-shaft shear shredder

Some of the IBC barrels inevitably have hazardous waste residues, which naturally makes the disposal somewhat complicated. GEP and a professional fire protection company jointly designed a high-quality fire protection system, and made professional design treatments in terms of equipment corrosion prevention, leakage prevention, explosion protection, etc., to achieve the prevention and control of the entire process from feeding to shredding!

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