Medical waste shredder price in Philippines

Medical waste is produced day by day, every day many people will go to hospital for physical examination or disease treatment, the large amount medical waste should be properly disposed, or it will have big damage to our human health. Today I will introduce the common disposal way of medical waste.

Usually, the gathered medical waste will be shred by a double shaft shredder, GEP Ecotech designed double shaft shredder use for shredding medical waste, the medical waste are shredded into small pieces, the volume is reduced, so it can be more easy for transportation to the landfill, the transportation cost is reduced. And the medical waste can be recycled for other us after shredding and other treatment. But shredding is the necessary stage.

medical waste shredder

Gep double shaft shredder use imported cutter material, unitary shredding chamber, special fixed cutter design, and GI intelligent control system. All the features make GEP double shaft shredder with stable performance, long service time, few fault, high efficiency, so enjoy good reputation among customers.

If you want to buy the medical waste shredder used in Philippines, please feel free to contact with us, we can provide suitable solution based on your exact demand.

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