Let you know the waste tire disposal line

As a hot investment project of renewable resources for many years, the waste tire disposal project has attracted the attention of enterprises from all walks of life. Not only the upstream tire manufacturers are considering recycling, but also the midstream manufacturers are selling as raw rubber powder, and the end users are considering direct cracking and refining of waste tires. Today, let GEP ECOTECH give you a brief introduction to the waste tire disposal line.

Let you know the waste tire disposal line

1. Waste tire shredding

The waste tire disposal production line includes waste tire shredder, which is mainly used to roughly crush the whole tire. The main purpose of roughly crushed tire is to facilitate us to carry out the next step of steel wire separation. The rubber block entering the steel wire separation needs to have a smaller particle size. Combined with the working principle of double shaft shear crushing equipment, a coarse crushing will not completely achieve the goal of entering the steel wire separator Rubber block requirements, so it is necessary to add screening equipment after the double shaft shear crusher to screen the rubber blocks of tire size, the large rubber blocks continue to return to the material for crushing, and the small rubber blocks proceed to the next process. This completes the tire breaking process.

2. Steel wire separation

When the shredded rubber scraps wants to be ground or cracked, it needs further processing. The main purpose of further processing is to separate the steel wire inside the tire and leave rubber particles. The second is to further homogenize the tire, so that both grinding and cracking will proceed smoothly. The steel wire separation process is to separate the steel wire and rubber block according to the principle of continuous crushing of rubber in the tire. After separation, the steel wire is evenly distributed by vibrating feeding equipment, and then the steel wire is magnetically separated by iron removal system, and the rest is to get clean rubber particles.

3. Rubber powder/particles making

The so-called rubber finishing is to refine the rubber particles again, because the composition of tire rubber particles is not only rubber, but also fiber. The tire fiber is further extracted to finish the rubber particles. After finishing, the fine rubber particles can directly enter the pulverizer for grinding.

Through the above introduction, I believe you also have a general understanding of the tire disposal production line, which is mainly combined with the actual situation of the project process planning, in combination with the relevant manufacturers with strength and experience, such as Zhengzhou GEP ECOTECH, we do all aspects of relevant cooperation, and the data of both sides are mutually communicated, so as to jointly create a benchmark waste tire disposal center project, and make contributions to your waste tire disposal make a contribution.

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