Kitchen food waste crusher for making compost

The collected kitchen food waste is preprocessed (including sorting, crushing, squeezing dehydration) and mixed with fermenting bacteria in a certain proportion, and then put into the equipment for fermentation, using the activity of microorganisms to decompose the organic matter in the kitchen food waste , which can completely kill all kinds of harmful bacteria and pathogens, and convert them into organic fertilizer raw materials, and realize the harmless treatment and resource utilization of kitchen food waste. In this process, the kitchen food waste crusher for making compost is an indispensable equipment.

kitchen food waste crusher for making compost

Ideal kitchen kitchen food waste crusher for making compost

The GD series kitchen food waste crusher is an intelligent kitchen food waste crusher designed by GEP ECOTECH based on the characteristics of food waste with North American technology. It is suitable for plastics, lunch boxes, beverage cans and other food waste crushing.

The GD kitchen food waste crusher is equipped with special knives for kitchen waste, which is highly adaptable to materials. The equipment adopts highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant knives, and is designed with special tool parameters, with strong material adaptability and good crushing effect.

The kitchen food waste is crushed and dehydrated, and then the waste is dumped into the fermentation bin through the automatic feeding device. After fermentation, the kitchen food waste can be processed into organic fertilizer. If you want to know more, please contact GEP ECOTECH for professional support!

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