Introduction of domestic waste recycling

In our daily life, everyday we will produce many waste, according to the statistics, every people will produce about 1KG garbage every day. And with the society development, more garbage will be made everyday. But These big amount garbage not only take large land to dump, but also make great damage to our living environment. So many country have rule that domestic waste should have suitable way to dispose, can't directly dump all the domestic waste.

Domestic waste refers to solid waste generated in daily life or in activities providing services for daily life, solid waste regarded as domestic waste by laws and administrative regulations. Generally, it can be divided into four categories: recyclable waste, kitchen waste, harmful waste and other waste.

So when dispose the domestic waste, we want to recycle the recyclable waste to reuse and produce economy profit, the other waste with no use dump to the landfill. Recyclable waste includes paper, metal, plastic, glass, etc.The kitchenwaste includes food waste such as leftovers, bones, vegetable roots and leaves.Harmful waste includes waste batteries, waste fluorescent lamps, waste mercurial-thermometer, expired drugs, etc.Other wastes include brick, ceramic, muck, toilet paper and other wastes that are difficult to recycle.

domestic waste shredder

Usually a domestic waste recycling solution is a complete production line, including shredding machine, vibrating screen, rotary screen, fanning machine and other equipment. After disposal, we can get recyclable waste from the domestic waste, not only make the garbage into treasure, but also improved our living environment.

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